14 Best Dog Cooling Jackets for Dogs

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Above is the Pecute Dog Cooling Vest Harness 4 Sizes on Amazon

Nothing will replace a cool spot and lots of water for your dog when it’s hot. Heat exhaustion in dogs in dangerous and even fatal. Protect your dog at all costs and a dog cooling jacket can help. With this in mind we put together a list of the best cooling jackets for dogs.

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In this guide we talk about keeping your canine safe in the heat with the best cooling jacket for your canine friend.

What’s a Dog Cooling Jacket

Cooling jackets for dogs are designed to keep a dog cool through evaporation cooling process. They are made with unique fabric which helps to accelerate cooling process. Although evaporation cools the air around your pup’s body, some cooling jackets feature conductive layers, which helps to speed up the elimination of heat off your dog’s body.

Some of the best cooling jackets for dogs work best in dry air. They are easy to use, and require no power source. All you do is submerge the vest in cold water, squeeze it out, and then place on your dog.

If you’re in a hurry check out a few of the best cooling vests and jackets for dogs below.

Well, you know what a cooling vest is, right? But do you know the features to consider before acquiring them?

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog Cooling Vest

The cooling vest has many variations, so it is critical to consider some of the essential features before making any purchase decision. Although the evaporation cooling principle is straightforward, the vests have a different level of functionality. So choose a vest that exhibits most of the following features such as:

  • Size of The Vest
  • Durability
  • Reflecting Material
  • Compatibility
  • Comfort
  • Material

All of the above factors are discussed in detail below.

Okay, now you what features you need to look for, let’s look at some of the best cooling jackets for dogs available on the market today!

14 Best Cooling Vests for Small and Large Dogs

Here are 13 of the best cooling jackets and vest to suit your canines needs. There are vest that come in small to extra large and in a variety of fabrics. These dog cooling vest review are based off the top rated canine products, along with the pro’s and cons to help you choose the right vest to keep your dog cool this summer.

1. SGODA Dog Cooling Vest For Medium Dogs – Available in Extra Small, Medium and Large Dogs (Main Image)

Dog Cooling Harness Vest on Amazon <<

Top on the list is the SGODA dog Cooling vest. This jacket is perfectly designed to provide you high-performance, and it’s also affordable. It protects your dog’s body against intense sunlight because it’s simple to put on and off. It’s composed of three protective layers.

Submerge it in water and squeeze out the excess to keep your pup cool and comfortable even in high temperatures (50 degrees). The middle layer conducts the actual cooling as well as holding and isolating excess water.

It protects your dog(s) against UV light, thus keeping them against sunburn. Its gray color reflects excess heat from the sunlight to enhance the cooling process. The green color around the legs and neck improves visibility; reflective rope is for security, while the inner cord adjusts the size.

The leash attachment point made of zinc D-ring to attach the collar or harness. It’s Velcro keeps the harness attached to the dog, as well as adjusting its neck size. The reflective straps provide excellent visibility.


  • Appealing and unique design
  • Extraordinary cooling
  • Soft and very comfortable material
  • Adjustable for a proper fit on your dog


  • It’s not the best for small and large dogs

Bottom Line: SGODA jacket makes your dog feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed. It also protects his skin from sunburn.

2. Best Big Dog Cooling Vest for Large and Extra Large Dogs – Smartelf Dog Cooling Jacket

Big Dog Cooling Vest on Amazon <<

Smartelf provides a superior quality vest that protects your canine against UV light and evaporates excess sweat and moisture to keep him calm. It is made of a strong and durable air mesh panel and PVA to give your pooch a soft and breathable skin touch.

It is free of harmful chemicals and other components that might endanger your canine companion. Water and mesh nylon that is pet-friendly to keep him calm at all times. It’s multipurpose and dual-functional jacket has three distinctive layers to enhance comfort.

The top reflective outer layer deflects heat and facilitates evaporation; the middle absorbent layer absorbs water for evaporation. The third inner layer has a mesh lining for an enhanced cooling effect.

Your canine best friend enjoys maximum protection against the sun. The vest is easy to strap due to the side-release buckle. It has a reflective band for good night vision and security. The integrated leash portal makes it compatible with various harnesses.

If you want to activate the cooling effect in the vest, immerse it in cold water, squeeze it out and put it on your dog. To keep your mutt cool at all times, always sprinkle water on the vest. It’ll make him happy.


  • Fits perfectly and is comfortable
  • Deflects heat and excess moisture
  • Improves the cooling effect
  • Provides a dry comfort


  • It is not suitable for big dogs

Bottom Line: At the end of the day, if your dog is happy and comfortable, you too are so glad. But that is possible if you purchase Smartelf Dog Cooling Jacket, which fosters dry comfort.

3. Hurtta Cooling Dog Chest Vest for Large Dogs (Comes in 7 Sizes)

Chest Cooling Vest for Large and Small Dogs

Next on the list is this lightweight and portable vest from Hurtta. It comes in elegant blue color, to protect your dog against overheating while camping, walking, or even during wireless fence training sessions.

The Hurtta cooling jacket is much smaller in size compared to other vests available in the market. But it fits nicely on your dog and offers excellent comfort too. The regions around the heart and chest are the main focus of this vest.

So it allows your dog’s entire body to cool down and prevent severe heat-stroke and other health difficulties. It has a terry cloth alignment to enhance absorption capability keeping your pup dry for quite a long time.

The fabric mesh is suitable for dogs with long hair. The customized and advanced features of the Hurtta dog vest are ideal for exercise, training, playtime, and dog shows. You should take measurement before you purchase it due to limited sizes.


  • Terry cloth improves absorption capacity
  • Provides necessary protection around the heart and chest regions
  • It has a zip for leash attachment
  • You can get it in eight different sizes


  • Not suitable for small-haired dogs

Bottom Line: The heart region is a vital part and requires protection at all costs. That’s where the Hurtta Dog Cooling jacket wins because all its cooling powers are concentrated on that region.

4. Juxzh Truelove Comfortable Dog Cooling Vest for Extra Small Dogs to All Sizes

Truelove Dog Cooling Vest Dog Harness with Zipper for Tiny Dogs, Medium to Big Dogs

Juxzh is a well-respected company that produces high-quality cooling vests such as Juxzh Truelove Dog cooling vest, which offers security when you are out camping or traveling with your dog. Although it is sold as a cooling vest, it also provides warmth in the winter months.

Nevertheless, this vest can do a lot more. If you want to activate the cooling feature, immerse in cold water, squeeze it out and put it on your pup. The evaporative cooling mechanism replaces the heat if the water evaporates from the body, resulting in a temperature drop.

The adjustable double zipper makes it easy to put it on and off, and the sticker helps to fix it steadily on the dog. This vest is designed to make your mutt feel comfortable due to the lightweight and soft material. It protects him against scorching sunlight and keeps him cool too.

You’ll get a strong aluminum D-ring buckle on the back of the vest, which is highly durable. It is also suitable for various types of clips for fastening the leashes and attaching the harness. The buckle attaches the leash steadily on your mutt.

Besides, it ensures that the pulling power is distributed evenly on the leash during an emergency, protecting him from no harm.


  • Quick fastening
  • Visible reflective materials
  • Lightweight and portable design with UV light protection
  • Convenient and reliable leash attachment rings on the back


  • The buckle might break if pulled excessively

Bottom Line: If you are the kind of guy who likes to walk around, the juxzh cooling vest is the best option for you because it doubles up as a harness for maximum security and a jacket to keep your dog warm during winter.

5. Kurgo Dog Core Cooling Vest Jacket Reflective Adjustable Straps

Kurgo Dog Evaporation Cooler Canine Coat with Adjustable Straps <<

Kurgo brand is a reputable firm known to produce the best wireless dog cooling vest. And one of their high-quality product is Kurgo Dog Core, which is manufactured by considering your dog’s health.

It’s made premium quality reflective material for deflecting excess heat. One unique feature about the bright and shiny material is the mesh and breathable liner that keeps your pup calm during warm or hot weather.

This vest has an incredible absorption feature, enabling it to hold water two times more than a standard microfiber towel to keep your dog relaxed and calm for over five hours. To activate the cooling feature, soak it in water, use your hands to wring out excess water, and let your dog put it on.

The vest mainly concentrates on the regions around the neck and chest due to excess sweat glands in these areas. If you check the sides, you’ll see a buckle, which allows you to snap it off your mutt in case of emergency or distress.

It has a two-way zipper for harness and leash attachment. The vest acts as security because you can easily track your pup while running around unleashed. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and you can get it in five unique sizes.


  • Reflective materials and frosty colors
  • Simple to wash and clean
  • Settings are adjustable
  • Comes with a lifetime product warranty
  • Breathable inner mesh lining


  • It can only stay cool if it’s wet

 Bottom Line: If you are a dog enthusiast and your pup’s health is your top priority, get yourself a Kurgo Dog Core Cooling Vest.

6. DogzStuff Cooling Jacket for All Sizes and Made With Sun Deflecting Material

Cooling Vest for Canine That Helps Deflects Heat for Extra Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Dogs

This is another best dog cooling vest on the list. It uses excellent microfiber technology to deflect excess heat from your mutt. You can choose a red or blue color you feel is the right match for him. It also comes in different adjustable sizes to fit him well.

The vest is rated at UPF50 to protect your pooch against intense sunlight, giving him confidence even in hot conditions. It’s soft and comfortable fabric prevents irritation. Moreover, the straps are adjustable to allow you to get a suitable custom fit.

If you want to activate the cooling system, submerge it in water, squeeze it out and put it on your pup. It’s made from robust material, and you can get plenty of long-lasting service from it. The vest can hold the wet cooling for quite a long time, so keep it moist for comfort and safety.


  • Reflective and microfiber material
  • It’s adjustable and comes in four different sizes
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Protects your canine from the sun (UPF50)


  • It tends to dry out very quickly

Bottom Line: DogzStuff is a trusted manufacturing company.  And if their product doesn’t impress you, return it, and they will refund your money without quibbles. And for what it’s worth, you will be impressed with the incredible features this vest has.

7. Canada Pooch Chill Seeker Cooling Vest Custom Lengths Cool Jacket

Canada Pooch makes a great little cooling vest and to suit your dog.It measures between 9 to 12 inches. The best way to determine your dog’s actual measurement is to run the tape from the neck to the tail. And always follow the instructions on how to fit a dog vest.

The breathable fabric retains water to keep your pup comfortable and calm, especially during summer. And its mesh layer allows proper air and water circulation throughout the jacket, keeping him calm much longer.

You can tweak the chest straps to ensure that it fits appropriately within the laid downsize guidelines. The design is made of reflective material to dissipate heat, as your canine companion enjoys warm weather. This version comes with different designs that you can choose from.

If you are tie-dye design, you can as well select the rainbow or plan a blue version. Its mesh material is lightweight, ideal for different dogs’ sizes, breeds, and ages. So no need to worry that it is heavy.

Its build premium quality is quite robust, which makes it easier to use. One downside of this product is that the sizes run somewhat large. This is the best investment you should make if you stay in areas with a hot climate.


  • Easy to use
  • Fabric absorbs and retains water
  • Mesh layers improve the circulation of air
  • Adjustable chest straps


  • Sizes might run relatively large

 Bottom Line: The rainbow color of the Canada Pooch gives your pup a nice sensation while relaxing. So you can get one for him and make him feel better and extremely comfortable.

8. Coppthinktu Breathable Cool Jacket Colling T Shirt for Dogs and Cats

Cooling T Shirt for Dogs and Cats Cute Cooling Vest Inexpensive and Cute

Coppthinku offers a great cooling jackets at an affordable price point. It is an extraordinary cute gift for canines and cats to help them remove heat. It comes in four different sizes: XS, M, L, XL, and 2XL.

The clothes are elastic, and the dogs with neck sizes over 1.5 inches can wear them quickly. Ensure that you take your dog’s measurements before purchasing it. The blue glacier pattern design makes your pup feel like being in a sea and provides comfort.

This vest is reusable and washable; neither does it fade or tear easily, no need to worry about tasky maintenance. It’s made of breathable fabric, which uses the endothermic principle to provide comfort and maximum coolness.

The clothes provide a comprehensive cooling coverage and improved cooling effect. This design is pretty much easy to use; soak the vest in cold water, use your hands to wring out excess water, and allow your pooch to wear it.

The cooling vest for dogs can help give some relief to your pet. From some symptoms such as dehydration, excess panting, and movement due to overheating. It strives to keep it warm and comfortable.


  • Cools your dog rapidly
  • Reusable and washable
  • Comes in various sizes that fit well
  • Quality absorbent material


  • Not for heavy duty cooling

Bottom Line: If you like going for a walk or hike with your canine friend, ensure he wears a Coppthinktu Breathable cooling vest, which relieves him from anxieties.

9. Derby Originals Hydro Cooling Jacket – Cool Vest with Collar for Long Hair Dogs

Canine Hydro Cooling Jacket with Collar is Ideal for Long Hair Dogs on Amazon <<

What an amazing name for a quality product from the Derby Originals; the Hydro cooling vest takes your dog’s comfort to another level. This appealing vest not only protects your pet’s neck and back but also prevents the heath from devastating him.

The standing collar to protect against overheating, which is a relief for and short long-haired canines. It comes with life capabilities to inhibit stress and exhaustion. This is a second-generation multipurpose, multi-layered jacket and extraordinary lightweight coat compared to other jackets.

It is designed with three incredible layers. The outer reflective layer refracts excess heat, the middle layer retains dripping water, while the inner layer repels excess water, not weight down your pup’s coat.

It has a built in loop for attachment of leash or harness. The cooling vest Velcro straps are elastic provides unique modified settings for proper fit. It is available in three distinct colors that suit your taste and preference.

Besides, it comes in eight varying sizes, suitable for dogs of different breeds and sizes. This vest can also help soothe the joints and muscles of your pooch- another incredible benefit to consider.


  • Helps to soothe the joints and muscles
  • Provides steady protection against UV light
  • Multiple colors and varying sizes
  • Built with durable materials


  • It takes a long time to dry off completely
  • Not suitable for puppies

Bottom Line: Is your mutt suffering from arthritis? Derby Originals Hydro jacket is the best dog cooling vest to purchase; it relaxes the joints and achy muscles.

10. Go Fresh Pet Cooling Jacket for Dogs in Extra Small and Small

Go Fresh produces the first-class jacket for your canine companion at an affordable price, but do you know what you receive for your money? First, this product is simple to use and fits effectively. The straps give you an adjustable and close fit that works perfectly for several large and medium-sized breeds.

This is the most versatile cooling vest in the market. It is lightweight and uses water to evaporate to keep your pets calm and comfortable. The Cool-fresh technology makes use of ultra-absorbent fabric net material to circulate the cooling system.

It has no harmful chemical contaminants, only pet-friendly nylon, specifically designed to be soaked in water, thus cooling down your friend under high temperatures of 50 degrees (F). Even if it is soaked in water, it cannot weigh him down because it’s light.

The reflective strip offers extraordinary night vision and maximum security. It gives you several reasons to acquire from the shop. The downside is, it wears off rapidly while still cooling your pooch for quite an extended period.


  • Extremely simple to use
  • No contaminants and harmful chemicals
  • It’s adjustable
  • Keeps a dogs core below the ambient temperature and at 50 degrees (F).


  • Works for a short period

Bottom Line: This is one of the best jackets to keep your dogs cool below the ambient temperature at 50 degrees (F). You can always reuse it after washing it; this is one fantastic feature.

11. LUCOLOVE Dog Cooling Vest Lightweight 2-Layer UV Protection Camo Cooler 

Lightweight Camo Cooling Dog Vest in 6 Sizes for Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Dogs

If you want to calm your dog in a hurry, a LUCOLOVE cooling jacket for dogs is a perfect option to consider. So it is worth being shortlisted as best too. But, how does this design shape up your pup?

This camo vest utilizes a breathable, double-layer microfiber layer that removes excess heat from the body and evaporates sweat and moisture. It keeps your dog(s) very calm in hot weather conditions.

It’s a lightweight vest, and once you submerge in cold water, you can pop it on your dog when going out for a walk, training, or hiking, as well as playing in the park. This is because the product is built from robust and reflective materials.

You can adjust the Velcro straps to enhance mobility due to its flexibility, so you help him stay calm as you look for a comfortable place during your outdoor adventure. This vest comes in 6 different sizes and three colorful camo prints, which suits both small and large breeds.

So you can find the right for your dog. The vest provides complete protection against the sun, which is rated UPF50+, thus minimizing overheating. The vest helps to protect your dog’s chest and back from sunburn.

This is important because it protects the skin and prevents heat stroke. The jacket gives you 100% satisfaction, giving you the value for your investment.


  • Highly adjustable Velcro straps
  • 6 different sizes
  • Protection against the sun rated UPF50+
  • Easy to use and comfortable


  • May dry off too quickly

Bottom Line: If your pooch is playful and generates heat rapidly, you’ll want to purchase LUCOLOVE cooling vest, because it deflects heat off the body quickly.

12. Scenereal Breathable Cooling Jacket for Small and Medium Dogs Pack of Two

Another cool option for small and medium dogs is the SCENEREAL Breathable Cooling Dog Vest. The breathable cooling shirts is an affordable price. One good thing about such dual packs, it gives you a choice as a dog owner.

You also get two pairs of cooling vests that are portable and lightweight that keeps your dog cool in summer. This cooling shirt is made of breathable fabric that ensures your mutt stays calm and comfortable.

The product comes in 4 varying colors and 3 different sizes to choose from. To activate the cooling effect simply follow the instructions. Immerse it in cold water, squeeze out the excess liquid, and place the cooling shirt on your dog.

SCENEREAL cooling jackets for dogs are pretty much easy to wash, especially in a machine; you can replace them daily. It’s easy to store too. This is the best cooling coat for various occasions such as outdoor walking, exercising, and camping.

It makes both of you look cool. Besides, ensure you measure your dog’s size to get the correct measurement.


  • Two sets of colors to choose from
  • It can be washed using a machine
  • Three varying sizes to fit a wide range of dogs
  • Made with lightweight fabric


  • Can dry out quite fast

Bottom Line: After training your dog or working out, you want to get them cool and relaxed. Scenereal cooling jacket has lots of features that dog parents require.

13. Cooling Jacket for Dogs with UV Protection

UV Protection Dog Cooling Jacket for Summer Outdoor Hiking, Walking and Camping

The final product that closes the 13 best dog cooling vests is UV Protection Lightweight Cooling Dog jacket. It has 3 different layer materials – the outer mesh layer can block ultraviolet light. And the middle layer absorbs and stores water, while taking away heat, comfortable inner layer transmits the cool to dogs.

It features 3M reflective strip reflects in low light. Which makes walking dogs at night safer.

Made with breathable & lightweight 3D mesh reflecting ultraviolet and excess heat. Not only can provide coolness, but also helps to prevent your dog from getting sunburned.

There are colorful adjustable straps on the waist which allows for a snug fit that will stay in place while your dog is wearing their cooling coat!

Available in 3 colors and 4 sizes, it is suitable for most body types of dogs.

What is a Dog Cooling Jacket and Do Dogs Needs One

These cooling jackets for dogs are designed to keep dogs cool using the evaporation cooling process. They are made with unique material that helps to accelerates the process. In addition to the evaporation that helps to cool the air around the body of a dog, some cooling vests use conductive layers which help accelerate the process.

How Do Cooling Jackets Work

Dog cooling jackets work best in the dry air so the evaporation process occurs rapidly unlike in humid air. Typically you will submerse the jacket in water. Squeeze ot any excess and then place it on your dog. The damp jacket will then help to cool their skin resulting in taking their temperature down in the heat.

Well, you know what a cooling vest is, right? But do you know the features you must consider before acquiring them?

What to Consider Before Buying a Dog Cooling Vest

The cooling vest has many variations, so it is critical to consider essential features before making any purchase decision. Although the evaporation cooling principle is straightforward, the vests have a different level of functionality. So choose a vest that exhibits most of the following features.

Size of the Cooling Vest

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a cooling vest is to get the best fit for your dog. This is because some pups might be comfortable putting on a cooling vest, unlike others, but they also dislike loose or too tight jackets.

To ensure your canine friend is willing to wear the vest, rely on their body’s measurement rather than weight to get the best fit. Moreover, select a suitable style and size for their body. So before making the ultimate purchase decision, refer to the comprehensive manufacturer’s manual to choose the best dog cooling vest.

Drying Time of the Cooling Vest

The best cooling jackets for dogs should take at least 30 minutes to dry out.  This is a significant consideration if you live in a desert-like environment. So buy a cooling jacket that can last for a long time before drying.

Reflective Material

Though evaporative cooling is the primary goal of a dogs cooling jacket, man incorporate fabric with reflective material. Reflection is a useful accent when it comes to keeping a dog safe.

Compatibility with Collar Type

Ensure that the vest is compatible with the receiver collar. Some designs have leash clips that allow you to attach them to your dog’s receiver collar. If you are in an open area, keep your dog on a leash.

Comfort of the Vest

Have you ever worn a wet clothing? It makes you feel irritated and can make you sore. This is the same way your dogs feel when their fur is wet, and something is rubbing on them.

Wet fur can cause skin complications, particularly affecting their skin. So select a vest that absorbs excess sweat and removes it quickly to allow your dog to be dry and comfortable.

Conclusion Best Cooling Jackets for Dogs

A quality cooling vest that fits just right is a dream for your dog. It will help to keep your canine calm, cool and comfortable during activities like hiking, kayaking and walking in the warm weather.

Products like vests and cooling mats are specifically designed to keep your canine cool and there are plenty to choose from. Be sure to pick on that is just right for your dog’s comfort and be sure to monitor your dog when it’s hot so you can avoid overheating and any complications that might arise.

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