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dog with long ears care for crackling ear sounds

Crackling Sound in Rescue Dogs Ears Dog Ear Care

Dog Ear Care Crackling Sound in Your Rescue Dogs Ears Causes and Care Taking care of your canine best friend includes dog ear care. Their ears are delicate and just like their humans dogs are prone to ear problems. They may get infections, mites and other issues. If you notice a crackling sound in your …

tiny dog harness

No Pull Harness for Tiny Dogs Super Cute Too!

No Pull Tiny Dog Harness, Lightweight Soft Adjustable No Choke Escape If you are looking for a no pull small dog harness then check this one It is super cute and it comes with a matching leash and available…

furbo treat dispensing camera for dogs

Best Dog Treat Dispensing Camera by Furbo

Dog Treat Dispensing Camera Gift by Furbo How do we repay our dogs for the love that they give? With a best dog treat dispenser with camera by furbo. Whether you are looking for a gift for a dog owner, or want a way to watch your dog from the office the furbo treat dispenser …

feeding your adopted cat

Feeding Your Adopted Cat

Basic Nutrition For Feeding Your Adopted Cat Congratulations you adopted a feline friend and now you wonder what you should be feeding your adopted cat. Today we talk about what to feed your cat, what to avoid so your furry fried will life a long healthy life.

dog eating

Can Dogs Eat Corn What to Know About Tortillas

Can Dogs Eat Corn? If you wonder can dogs eat corn, or corn products like tortillas? In short the answer is yes and no! Human food like tortillas is best avoided. It’s easy to want to treat your dog to human snacks but not all are good, and they certainly are not necessary.

dog begging for food

How to Stop My Rescue Dog Begging

Stop My Dog Begging   If your dog is begging for food and treats the chances are is they learned the habit from a human. So if your canine bestie is mooching around there are things you can do to help your dog to stop begging! A little time and patience and a few modification …

grooming your rescue dog

Long Living Dog Breeds

10 Long Living Dog Breeds We adore our dogs and many people wonder how long our dogs will be with us. Some people may even research which are the longest living dogs breeds when they deciding which dog to adopt. While nothing is sure in life except the love of a dog today we talk …

should you adopt a stray dog

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt

Dogs and Yogurt – Can They Eat It Just like their humans dogs like to eat Yogurt. Creamy and delicious it also contains lots of benefits for humans. So what about pets? Can dogs eat yogurt, and if so, which type of yogurt can dogs eat? In this article we talk about the question can …

dog flea

Rid Dog Fleas & Ticks Safely

Ways to Rid Your Dog of Ticks and Fleas Itchy, scratchy sore skin and red spots on your rescue dog. Fleas and ticks are not only annoying but they are painful for both canines and their humans. And, if left untreated the parasites can lead to other health problems. The good news is there is …

What to Feed a Senior Rescue Dog

Feeding a Senior Rescue Dog           You adopted a senior rescue dog, and, you want to know what to feed to feed him. In this article we talk about what to feed a senior dog, the nutritional requirements and what’s the right amount of food for your canine.