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dogs itch skin

Is Aquaphor Safe for Your Dog? Tackling Dry, Itchy Skin

Is Aquaphor Safe for Your Canine? Tackling Dry, Itchy Skin For every dog parent, the well-being of our four-legged family members is paramount. Just as humans can experience dry, itchy skin, so do our furry and hairy companions. In our search for the best anti itch and dry skin dog products you may wonder if …

clippers for poodle

Clipper for Poodles and Doodles Alike

Oneisall Clippers for Poodle Grooming: An In-depth Review   Alright, fellow poodle parents, if you’ve been on the hunt for that perfect grooming tool for your fluffy friend, sit tight because we’re about to get deep into the world of grooming with the oneisall Clippers.

cheap dog clippers

The Best Cheap Dog Clippers Under $30 on Amazon

The Best Cheap Dog Clippers Under $30 on Amazon: Groom Your Pet on a Budget A well-groomed dog is not only aesthetically pleasing but good grooming also contributes to their overall health and of course comfort. To help with regular grooming on a budget, today we talk about cheap dog clippers under $30!

teach your dog to give their paw - woman training her Pom dog

How to Teach a Dog to Give Paw In a Few Easy Steps

Teach a Dog to Give Paw In a Few Easy Steps Having a pet dog bring immeasurable joy. Their faithful companionship light up the darkest days, and fills our heart with meaning. As dog owners, we constantly strive to train our furry friends, not only to teach them manners but also to mentally stimulate them. …

pet friendly cleaners

Safer Cleaning: 9 Homemade Cleaners that Work and are Pet-Friendly

9 Pet Friendly Cleaners that Work Naturally! As pet parents, we are constantly striving to create safe, loving environments for our furry companions. However, the cleaning products we use often contain chemicals that can be harmful to our pets. The solution? Homemade pet safe cleaners!

lazy dog

Why Is My Adopted Dog Lazy? 11 Reasons Why

Why Is My Adopted Dog Lazy? 11 Possible Reasons You adopted a rescue dog and now it’s time to get to know them. Adopting a dog brings immense joy and a new set of responsibilities into our lives. There is lots to discover – but what if your newly adopted canine is showing signs of …

Dog Training Online

Dunbar Top Dog Online Training Academy Review

Dunbar Top Dog Online Training Academy Review If you’re looking for a great way to teach your dog puppyhood basic commands or advanced skills then you’ll want to Dunbar Dog Training Academy. It’s a top online dog training program that offers individual style courses, and it’s complete academy. To learn more read our review of …

teach your dog to give their paw - woman training her Pom dog

The Loveable Pomeranian All About Poms

The Loveable Pomeranian All About Poms Above is my beautiful Pomeranian Teka (passed when she was 17 years y9oung) Having been the lucky dog parent of a Pomeranian I can say from experience these small fluff balls are fun, loyal and loving little dogs. But before you bring one into your family it’s important to …

stop your dog digging

How to Stop Your Dog Digging in the Yard

Stop Your Dog from Digging in the Yard Tips and Tricks You adore your dog, and you love coming home to a wagging tail and barks of excitement. And all is well until you see muck patches where flowers once adorned a green space. So today we look at why dogs dig, and then we …

chihuahua training

Chihuahua Training – Are Chihuahuas Easy to Train

Are Chihuahuas Easy to Train? Mastering the Art of Chihuahua Training Chihuahuas, intelligent yet headstrong, can make the Chihuahua training process an adventurous journey. This guide offers insightful tips to help you navigate the complexities of Chihuahua training.