dog joint pain

How to Help Your Dogs Joint Pain Naturally

Help Your Dog Joint Pain Naturally   In this article we talk about how to help your dog joint pain. We talk about the symptoms, signs and how you can help your dogs joint health. what to do about it and how CBD can help.

sleeping with your dog - image of dog in a bed

Should You Sleep With Your Dog

Should You Sleep With Your Dog? There is no one size fits all answer to the questions “should you sleep with your dog”. So before you decide here are a few things to consider.

best cooling jackets for dogs

Cooling Jackets for Dogs

14 Best Dog Cooling Jackets for Dogs Above is the Pecute Dog Cooling Vest Harness 4 Sizes on Amazon Nothing will replace a cool spot and lots of water for your dog when it’s But a dog cooling jacket…

Best Nail Trimmers for French Bulldogs

Best Nail Trimmers for French Bulldogs French Bulldogs are not the most active of dogs. Which means they require regular nail trim nails since their nails are unlikely to wear down on their own. And though the pitter patter of their paws may be cute, overgrown nails are not healthy for the loveable canines. To …

furbo treat dispensing camera for dogs

Best Dog Treat Dispensing Camera by Furbo

Dog Treat Dispensing Camera Gift by Furbo How do we repay our dogs for the love that they give? With a best dog treat dispenser with camera by furbo. Whether you are looking for a gift for a dog owner, or want a way to watch your dog from the office the furbo treat dispenser …

feeding your adopted cat

Feeding Your Adopted Cat

Basic Nutrition For Feeding Your Adopted Cat Congratulations you adopted a feline friend and now you wonder what you should be feeding your adopted cat. Today we talk about what to feed your cat, what to avoid so your furry fried will life a long healthy life.

socialize your rescue pup

How to Socialize Your Rescue Puppy

How to Socialize Your Rescue Puppy When you adopt or rescue a dog or puppy you will include them in all parts of y0ur life. You’ll want to be able to take your puppy for walks, car rides and have them meet people and other animals. So today we talk about how to socialize your …

what ca a puppy chew on

What Can a Puppy Chew On

What Can a Puppy Chew On Chew Toys for Pups on Amazon ($15) < Puppies will chew on anything in sight. Plants, electric cords, furniture, and you brand shoes if you let them. If a puppy is bored or teething they will seek out ways to soothe and entertain themselves. So what can a puppy …