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is dog jealousy a thing - image of a handsome yellow lab and its owner

Dog Jealousy Do Dogs Get Jealous?

Is Dog Jealousy is Thing? Dogs are known for their loyalty and affection towards their owners. But sometimes they can display a behavior that may seem surprising show dog jealousy.

Cute cream puppy laying down - teach a new puppy

21 Thing to Teach Your New Puppy

21 Essential Tips to Teach Your New Puppy Start with Consistent Schedules and Routines You adopted a new puppy  – congratulations! Life is about to get full – love, cuddles and new adventures. One of the best gifts you can do for pup is to train your newly adopted puppy. Below is 21 things to …

dog in a rescue shelter on beach volunteer with animals when you travel

Volunteer With Help Animals While Traveling

Volunteer With Animals While Traveling! Traveling is a wonderful way to meet new people and enjoy new experiences. And if you love animals there is lots of ways to help animals while traveling. Look for animal rescue pages on Facebook, search on Google for places to volunteer at your destination. Or when you arrive ask …

coton de tulear puppy

About the Coton de Tulear aka Coton

About the Coton de Tulear aka Coton I have the pleasure of a Coton mix – My rescue dog Oscar. He melts my heart each day with his funny somewhat aloof disposition. To learn more here is simple overview of this super cute dog.  The Coton de Tulear is a small, white dog breed that …

Curb Aggressive Behavior Towards Other Dogs

Curb Aggressive Behavior Towards Other Dogs

My Dog Is Aggressive Towards Other Dogs Your dog is calm with you, and sometimes they exhibit aggressive behavior towards other dogs. This can be a problem, not only for other dogs and their owners, but also for your own dog’s safety. Sometimes, it can be anxiety evoking. And you may even dread the thought …

Training a Medium Size Rescue Dog

Tips for Training a Medium Size Rescue Dog You adore your new rescue dog, and all you want to do is spoilt her. But failure to start training your pup especially as they grow and gets stronger. Today we talk about training your medium size rescue dog to help keep them safe and happy!

stop bleeding powder - image of medium black dogs being groomed

Blood Stop Powder for Pets (Dogs Nails)

Styptic Blood Stop Powder for Pets (Dogs & Cats) Review If you’re a pet owner, you know how important it is to be prepared for any emergencies that may arise. This includes having a blood stop powder for pets on hand. Stop bleeding powders is helps pet owners deal with pet bleeding, whether it’s from …

Poodle image - About Poodles

Best Detangler Spray for Dogs to Stop Matting

Best Detangler Spray for Dogs to Stop Matting TropiClean Sweet Pea Cat & Dog Detangler Spray Dematting is a must-have product for pet owners who struggle with tangled and matted fur. This product is not only effective in detangling pet fur but also nourishing and conditioning it, making it healthier and softer. It is a …

Why dogs do zoomies sute dog running fast

Why Do Dogs Do Zoomies aka Sprinting Around the House

Why Dogs Do Zoomies aka Start Sprinting Around the House? If you’re a dog owner, you’ve likely witnessed your pup’s sudden bursts of energy – also known as “zoomies.” One minute your dog may be lounging on the couch, and the next, they’re tearing through the house at lightning speed. While these sudden sprints may …