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about the beagle dog

Are Beagles Good Family Dogs About the Beagle Breed

Image courtesy of Nocciola Toys for Dogs on Amazon  If you wondering if beagles are good family dogs we got you covered. Today we talk about the loveable beagle, some of their traits and why consider adopting a beagle to love.

big dog breed

7 Best Dog Beds for Big Dogs

Dog Beds for 7 Big Dogs to Choose   1. Furhaven Big Dog Beds – Choose From Orthopedic, Cooling Gel, and Memory Foam in S – Large Dogs << Like any good pet owner, you want the best care for you dog. Beside food, great smelling shampoo, and strong toys you need one of the …


Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds for Allergy Sufferers

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds You dream of sharing your life with a canine buddy but you suffer with allergies – so what can you do? Thankfully there are lots of hypoallergenic dog breeds that may be perfect for you.


Are Greyhounds Good Family Dogs

Greyhounds Are They Good Family Dogs Did you ever wonder if greyhounds are good family dogs? They are beautiful dogs, and many are adopted through rescue societies.

tough dog beds almost indestructible

9 Indestructible Dogs Beds for Chewers and Scratchers

9 Best Indestructible Dog Beds for Chewers Above is the Indestructible Dog Bed by ChewProof  Are you a dog parent to a canine who is a chewer or a scratcher? The you want to see these indestructible dog beds! You have probably gotten a few replacement dog beds because your hound is repeatedly destroying the …

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Top Ten Common Therapy Dog Breeds

Ten Common Therapy Dog Breeds for Anxiety, Stress and Friendship Above is the Yellow Lab one of the most common and top 10 therapy dog breeds Dogs are said to be “man’s best friend” and nowhere does that show more than in pet therapy. One of the most commonly used pets is dogs. They have …

best dogs for retirees

10 Best Dogs for Retirees

Looking for a Dog in Retirement? – 10 Best Dogs for Retirees If you’re enjoying retirement and taking life easy, you might find yourself yearning for the companionship of a dog. Cute, cuddly and someone to walk with. Check out 10 of the best dogs for retirees’.

Best Dogs for Apartment

10 Best Dogs for Apartment Living

Considering Getting a Dog for Apartment Living Here’s 10 Best Breeds 10 Best Dogs for Apartment Living – Almost any dog can live in an apartment with the right training and if you are able to exercise them according to their needs. But there are certain types of dogs that are suited best for apartment …

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10 Low Shedding Dog Breeds We Love

10 Low Shedding Dog Breeds AKA Hypoallergenic Dogs Coton de Tulear  Image of Oscar 10 Low Shedding Dogs Breeds – We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. You go to a friend’s house, they have a light haired dog that sheds a ton, and you end up looking like you went swimming …

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6 Hypoallergenic Dogs for Dog Lovers With Allergies

6 Types of Hypoallergenic Dogs for Dog Lovers With Allergies Hypoallergenic dog’s – While a hypoallergenic dog will not solve all of your allergy issues, certain breeds of dog are less likely to cause as many problems as other breeds. But before you go all in and get a dog, its possible that there are …