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lazy dog

Why Is My Adopted Dog Lazy? 11 Reasons Why

Why Is My Adopted Dog Lazy? 11 Possible Reasons You adopted a rescue dog and now it’s time to get to know them. Adopting a dog brings immense joy and a new set of responsibilities into our lives. There is lots to discover – but what if your newly adopted canine is showing signs of …

chihuahua training

Chihuahua Training – Are Chihuahuas Easy to Train

Are Chihuahuas Easy to Train? Mastering the Art of Chihuahua Training Chihuahuas, intelligent yet headstrong, can make the Chihuahua training process an adventurous journey. This guide offers insightful tips to help you navigate the complexities of Chihuahua training.

cost of owning a dog- Coton De Tulear

A Guide to Caring for a Coton de Tulear Dog’s Coat

A Guide to Caring for a Coton de Tulear Dog’s Coat I happen to be the proud Mom of a Coton mix, Oscars. The Coton de Tulear, known for its cotton-like coat, is a breed that deserves extra attention when it comes to grooming. This fluffy hypoallergenic companion’s coat feels like cotton. And, not only …

shampoos for french bulldogs

The Best Shampoos for French Bulldogs: Tips and Reviews

The Best Shampoo for French Bulldogs: Tips and Reviews A French Bulldog is a charming, funny, and extraordinarily affectionate pet. To keep them looking their best the French bulldog or frenchie mix need a grooming routine that caters to their unique needs. Among the essential grooming items is best shampoo for French Bulldogs. Today, we …

teacup dogs should you get one

Should You Get a TeaCup Dog Must Know Dangers

Teacup Dogs? Should You Get a Teacup Dog – Let’s Get  Serious! A teacups dog is not a type of breed but it refers to the size of breed. These tiny dogs are super cute and increasingly popular due to the size of the dog.  You can put it in your palm and it looks …

medium dog for active lifestyle

Top 10 Medium Dogs for Active Lifestyle People

Top 10 Medium Dogs for Active Lifestyles Are you a dog lover who loves to be active and outdoors? Do you want a canine bestie friend that can keep up with you on hikes, runs, and other adventures? Look no further! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 medium dog for …

dogs for elderly and people with disabilities

Best Dogs for Seniors or People With Disabilities

Top Dogs for Elderly and People With Disabilities Dogs are loyal, they are wonderful companions, and full of love. They are a source of joy and comfort, especially for families with elderly or disabled members. With this in mind we put together a guide to help you choose the best dogs for elderly and disabled …

plan fun dog activities to do with your dog

10 Fun Dog Activities to Do With Your Dog

Fun Dog Activities 10 to Do With Your Rescue Dog Attention all pet parents! Are you tired of the same old routine with your canine best friend? Do you want to add a bit of excitement and adventure to your pet’s life? Below are 5 Fun Dog Activities to Do With Your Dog!


7 Best Beds for Chihuahua Dogs in Review

Best Beds for a Chihuahua Dog to Keep Cozy, Comfy and Safe Are you a proud owner of a Chihuahua dog? These tiny pooches are full of energy and personality, but they also love to snuggle up and snooze after a long day of play. So, when it comes to choosing the best beds for …

coton de tulear puppy

About the Coton de Tulear aka Coton

About the Coton de Tulear aka Coton I have the pleasure of a Coton mix – My rescue dog Oscar. He melts my heart each day with his funny somewhat aloof disposition. To learn more here is simple overview of this super cute dog.  The Coton de Tulear is a small, white dog breed that …