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It’s a blog for fellow rescue dog lovers (an all dog parents)

Whether you are preparing to adopt a new puppy, rescue a dog, or a loving dog human you’re in the right place.

At Rescue Dog Happiness, we’ll guide you through your journey of adopting, raising and caring for your rescue dog through every stage. Puppy to adult and through your canine’s senior years.

The blog aka ‘RDH’ is filled with tips, guides, articles and inspirational stories of dogs and their humans.

Who Rescued Who

We share resources for not only adopting but anyone with a dog who is seeking information about training techniques, caring for, feeding and some of the top products to help keep your dog happy and healthy.

​About Us ~ The Story and Dogs behind Dog Rescue Happiness 

about andrea with her 4 rescue dogs

Hi, my name is Andrea aka ‘Andi’, I am a mom of 2 sons(Ryan my beautiful eldest, and, my youngest Neil who devatatingly passed in 2005). Married to Paul for 39 years and counting and starting a new venture for the animals we love.

Anyone who knows me will likely share that I am an animal lover of all kinds. As a child I spent hours playing with my grandparents german shepherd Princey Bear. Then came our long awaited family dog, a bundle of black and white fluff, our Old English Sheep Dog named Villain.

A few years later Bonnie, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier puppy joined our family which, included cats and horses. All were with us for a loving long life.

Moving from the UK to Canada

We moved from the UK to Canada in the mid 80’s, after we settled in it was time to expand our family.

Over the next 30+ years we shared our lives with many beautiful dogs. Each one of them  captured our heart with their unique personalities, and, most of all unconditional love. They filled our life in ways that can never be measured or put into words.

About a Few of Our Dogs That Rescued Us 💗

Brodie was found in a dumpster.


It was love at first sight, this tiny ball of white grew into a beautiful dog. Since we didn’t know his background we figure he was a mix of Samoyed and Husky.

Brodie was with us until he was 11 years old, a good age for a larger breed.

Bear was our rescue on a trip through Whistler

Picture of a back shepard Rescue dog called bear

It’s amazing what can happen we you stop to pet a dog. It was a record hot day when we took a pitstop on our way to Whistler (1996).

On my way in I stopped to pet a dog who’d not long had pups. She belonged to a young homeless travelling girl. She loved her dog but had she little financial means. She did her best to find homes the puppies all the pups except for one.

I happily gave her a donation so you could take care of for her dog care and we would add Bear to our family. Bear was with us for 13 years, the gentlest, sweet boy, happy anyone could wish you adopt.

About Riley my little Shih Tzu

about Riley image of ShiTzu dog


This little man came into our lives when he was 12 weeks old. It was a when there were so many backyard breeders they were doing anything to get rid of the pups.

This little guy was one in a litter of 6, and returned due to ‘behavior issues’. With time, patience and love Riley made us laugh for 13 years.

Ben aka Big Ben

My husband Paul and our LEO Ben

This big, beautiful and gentlest of giants; a Leonberg mix. We could see from the size of his paws that Ben was going to be the biggest guy. Ben’s top weight 172 lbs happiest with short walks and long sleeps on the sofa.

Teka aka Teka Bell the Boss Girl Pom

Teka Pomeranian dogAlso know as cheeky Teki, our little pomeranian sat in one hand as a pup. Though she was just a tiny girl all of the dogs respected her.

We watched her every move as she grew. She entertained us for hours on end, cuddled and snuggled and the boss of us all… only because we could do nothing except adore her for 17 years.

Other Dogs in Our Lives

Bentley Pomeranian in Santa suit

Many dogs are part of our life, either through our extended family, or dogs we care for like Starker the retired service dog.

And, of course other special dogs like Bentley our gand doggy.

Bentley does the most amazing tricks… we like to think he does them just for us 🙂 But I think he’s pretty smart just like is human Mom and Dad xoxo.

Life has brought us all sorts of animals, cats, dogs and all the fun creature that our sons snuck into the house.

Rescue Dog are Worth It

Has it all been easy… no, have there been challenges, has there been heartbreak… you bet…

But sharing life with a rescue to is happiness. It is truly worth it.

Thanks for for visiting the “About” page of Rescue Dog Happiness. I hope you enjoy learning a little about us and why we created this blog.

We’re About to Adopt a Rescue a Puppy For Mexico Follow Us!

I look forward to hearing about your dog rescue stories and hope to feature them on Rescue Dog Happiness (dot) com. Follow us as we are about to embark on a new adventure to adopt a rescue puppy who’ll be on his way from Mexico soon.

I hope you enjoy the website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Please check back for updates!


Oscar is a 17 lb Coton/Maltese terrier mix rescue dog from Tijuana Mexico. We adopted Oscar from an amazing dog rescue society called Furever Freed Dog Rescue in Langley, BC., Canada.