Teacup Dogs? Should You Get a Teacup Dog – Let’s Get  Serious!

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A teacups dog is not a type of breed but it refers to the size of breed. These tiny dogs are super cute and increasingly popular due to the size of the dog.  You can put it in your palm and it looks like a replica of larger breed dogs. So it’s easy to see why people fall in love with them – but should you get a teacup dog.

Before you jump in with all your heart there is a lot to consider about this delicate dogs. One is how many are bred.

How teacup puppies are produced?

Breeding such teacup dogs is really risky for the mom dog and for the little puppies. Sometimes this undersized offspring can occur without intentionally breeding it. But all too often this tiny dogs are bred using dogs who’ve been bred down in size. In addition to many other questionable practises. So if you wonder if a teacup dog is for you it is crucial to learn about the breeder, their practises and reputation.

Unethical Breeding Issues of Teacup Dogs

Due to the high demand of such teacup dogs at the moment, breeders would try to breed them in any way they can which means that they can use dogs that are closely related or they can use really inhuman methods like deliberately achieving the small size of the puppies by letting them starve.

When puppies are produced in such a horrible way they also grow in a slower rate. They often appear to be the “litter” of the mother’s offspring. And sadly for them Hollywood and most famous people think that it is so fashionable to have a teacup dog. And like most advertising it is false and does not lead to the best decisions.

Health Issues Due to Possible Inhumane Breeding Practices

But due to the way they have been produced, this can lead to their fragile bodies and their immune system not being stable at all. This is one of the reasons that reputable dog breeders actually refuse to sell such undersized dogs.

This gives other breeders the opportunity turn to fraud, because it is easy to present a small dog as a teacup dog when it is just a few weeks old. There is no guarantee in the way that the dog will grow, it can get a standard-sized dog, but it can suffer from lots of genetic and other diseases.

When you are trying to raise a two-pound dog which is a product of two dogs with the same size this could be really risky.

So what are you going to do when the bills from the vet get larger and larger and in the end the dog can not live any longer due to its small size which is actually killing it?

Can You Afford a Teacup Dog (Health Issues)

Can you cope with potential emotional issues if your dog is sick or hurt.  And what about financial care? You really need to ask yourself those questions before you decide to get a teacup size dog.

And what is this special thing exactly that makes a two-pound dog better than a five-pound one? Yes, the small size dogs may look puppy like. But have you thought that it could cause only problems and you will not feel the happiness that a dog should bring you?

Life with a Teacup Dog

Teacup dogs are small and fragile, and they are certainly not a toy, nor an accessory. These tiny dogs require a delicate hand and special care due to their small stature. They will require a harness, as a collar may harm their tiny neck. And small items that is especially made for them.

With this said its important to do some research before bring the tiny canine into your family.

Health Issues With Tiny Teacup Breeds

Due to their small stature teacups and their unnatural breed, these extra small dogs may have lots of health problems. They may suffer from life threatening conditions like hypoglycemia, which is a low blood sugar. In addition some teacup breeds may suffer like hydrocephalus. Or liver shunts, throat and other health issues. Another factor to consider choking. Even the smallest item is a choking hazard which can lead to congestions and even death.

When you consider the size of these tiny dogs it is easy to see how injury and sickness can occur. So if you decide that a tiny teacup is for you then prepare to take preventative measures.

Feeding Teacup Dogs

For health reasons as well as their size these tiny dogs will require particular feeding routines. This may involve feeding small amounts at several times each day. In addition they will likely require special food that is especially designed for their size and to support their health needs.

Have a budget for veterinary care and house proof your home for your new family member.

TeaCup Dogs are Not a Toy for Children

Having a dog is a lifetime commitment. Choosing the right dog for your family will include picking their size, breed, activity level and so on. So it’s important to understand that though a teacup may be cuddly they are not toys, and not best suite for families with children or other larger pets.

Even the best behaved and animal loving children may forget and accidentally injure a dog. Falling, jumping, choking on toys or food can be critical to any dog, let alone a tiny teacup breed. 

Not for Carrying

They would love to carry this adorable little creature everywhere they want and put it on places that the dog would not be able to escape. I can not imagine what a life this would be for the little dog?

It is not a fault of the children, but the parents – they need to think if this is a good choice, not only for their children, but for the dog! It is difficult even for a grownup person to have such a small thing around him – you can not be extra careful all the time. It’s also the possibility of kicking the dog because you did not see it. This smaller size makes them less noticeable and more easily to be injured in some way without any actual intention to do it.

So it’s understandable that a teacup breed pup may be not be a horrible choice for a family with children?

Still Want to Get a TeaCup Size Dog

If you still have not decided to give up the idea and you want to have a teacup dog, then there is a lot of research ahead. Never use the Internet alone. Talk to several veterinarians, seek certified breeders, and do not rush into a decision of the heart.

You need to visit the breeder, check out their home, meet the parents of the puppy. And one really good idea is taking the puppy to your veterinary for a complete examination before you make the final purchase.

Concluding Should You Get a TeaCup Dog

This article is a brief overview of common questions with regard to adopting a teacup dog. Before adding one to your family it is crucial to dig deep and do your homework. Not only into the particular type of miniature dog but into the breeder as well.

The last thing anyone wants is to welcome a new member into the family only to find the dog is sick, too small for their family needs or gets hurts due to lack of planning. Doing your research in advance will help save heartache for both you and your dog. In addition to the above consider your lifestyle and the activities you enjoy – are you active, sedentary, do you have kids in your life? All of these questions and more will help to make a decision for the best dog to enjoy in your life.