dog dental breath spray

Dental Spray for Dogs

Dog Spray for Doggy Breathe and Dental Care Just like their humans canines can do with a little breath freshener now and again. Today we talk about TruDog Dental Dog Spray for Dogs.

Adopted Dog Training Basics

Dog Training Basics What to Teach Your Canine

Dog Training Basics, Teach Your Adopted Rescue Dog If you adopt or rescue a dog you want to teach them how to be calm learn and well mannered. Dog training basics will help your pup to be a happier, confident canine whose less likely to get into tussles with people or with other dogs.

foraging mats for dogs

Best Foraging Mats for Dogs Snuffle Mats

Best Foraging Snuffle Mat for Dogs Awoof Interactive Snuffle Foraging Mat $38 on Amazon By nature dogs love to forage, and at home or in they may entertain themselves by digging and sniffing. To help them ease anxiety and stave boredom, today, we talk about the best foraging mats for dogs.

interactive treat dispensing dog toys

10 Best Puzzle Toys for Bored Dogs

Best Puzzle Toys for Bored Dogs Stimulate your dog with the best puzzle toys for bored dogs! Just like humans dogs require physical and mental stimulation. Fun puzzles will not only keep your pup mentally active, but they are a great way to bond with your dog. To help choose the right one for your …

should you adopt a stray dog

Why Dogs Bark and What to Do

Why Dogs Bark! Among all of the reasons why dogs bark is that they are amazing early warning systems. A dog will let you know if there is someone wrong, like a stranger on your property, or an unwanted animal.

Is a Collar or Harness Best for My Dog

Which is Best for My Dog, a Collar or Harness One of the most common question new dog owners asks, is a collar or harness best for my dog?  So, today we take a look at the pros and cons of dog collars and harnesses to help you pick the best one for your canine …

dog eating

Can Dogs Eat Corn What to Know About Tortillas

Can Dogs Eat Corn? If you wonder can dogs eat corn, or corn products like tortillas? In short the answer is yes and no! Human food like tortillas is best avoided. It’s easy to want to treat your dog to human snacks but not all are good, and they certainly are not necessary.

rescue dog with separation anxiety

Rescue Dog Separation Anxiety How to Help Them

Helping a Rescue Dog Separation Anxiety If your dog starts pacing, whining or exhibiting certain types of body language when you leave them, chances are your rescue dog has separation anxiety. Just like humans, some dogs get anxious.

calming treats for rescue dogs

Calming Treats for Rescue Dogs

Treats to Help Calm Your Rescue Dog Anxiety in their rescue dogs is something many pet owners worry about. They often seek ways to help their four legged bestie cope. This can include, anxiety toys, using a anxiety vest, and calming treats for rescue dogs. Today we talk about some of the best treats for …

Winter Dog Gear – Keep Your Dog Clean and Cozy

Winter Dog Gear to Keep Pup Dry Even the cleanest of dogs get mucky! Walking in the rain, playing in the park, and trudging through the snow. With this said we put together a few of our favorite winter dog gear items to help keep your dog stay warm, dry and comfy.