Best No Pull Dog Harness in Review


Above is the Rabitgoo No Choke and No Pulling Harness in 12 Colors and Sizes XS – XL on Amazon

We all know how much of a drag it is to walk that stubborn buy cute Corgie or Siberian Husky that pulls on the leash. Whether you have a small or large dogs when they pull it makes walking a tougher chore than it needs to be. To help you walk your dog with ease we put together a list of the best no pull dog harness for canines of all sizes.

We’ve got you covered! No pull harnesses are the ultimate solution to get rid of such aggressive dog tendencies.

Other than easy management of your pooch, harnesses offer other perks as well. First, if you have a tiny pooch such as a Chihuahua, a harness distributes pressure over a larger surface of its body thus decreasing strain of the back and neck.

Second, harnesses are an awesome solution for those escape artists that are always on the prowl every time you blink.

Now that you’re on board with the use of a harness, which one suits your canine?

Let’s get started!

Perfect No Pull Dog Harnesses

There are several no pull dog harnesses in the market but we’ve rounded up the best that have received amazing reviews including some of Amazon’s top picks.

Continue browsing on our list of the no pull dog harnesses that do the trick.

1. PetSafe Easy Walk Deluxe Dog Harness ($23.95)

Perfect for Leash & Harness Training on Amazon – Stops Pets from Pulling and Choking on Walks

This easy walker comes in 4 sizes to get the perfect for your dog. This no pull harness get top rating from it users. It’s a lightweight, strong harness that features padded neoprene straps for cool comfort and reflector strips for night safety.

This harness was created by a veterinary behaviorist and is trusted by a million dog parents and trainers. It’s patented martingale loop and front chest leash attachment helps to minimize your dog pulling by gently steering him in the direction you are headed.

All designed to stop gagging and choking while you enjoy walking your dog. And it comes in different colours including ocean/black, apple/black, rose/black and steel/black so you can pick one that best suits your canine’s personality.

It’s easy to see why it is Amazon’s choice, having received 71% 5-star reviews and 4.5 out of 5 stars.

If you have a small pulling top or medium/large dog breed such as the Afghan Hound or the Golden Retriever, this dog harness is definitely is a must to add to put on your no pull harness list.

2. PoyPet Easy Control No Pull Reflective Harness ($15.95)

No Choke Front Lead No Pull Dog Reflective Harness

I love this harness, it has all the features I look for in a no pull harness. It is adjustable, with soft padding  in the vest. It makes handling small to larger dogs much easier. And it has the Easy Control Handle for Small to Large Dogs if you need to stop your dog quickly.

This no choke harness comes in a variety of great colors with reflective material and it comes in sizes; extra-small, small, medium, large to extra-large.

In 2018 the company made the new no pull dog harnesses so it’s super easy to put on and off- no need to slip over your dog’s head. Its soft breathable non-toxic mesh pad makes it perfect for daily activities such as hunting, hiking, running, walking, training and more.

An extra feature to this harness is its dual elastic belly straps that provide stretchability for improved comfort and help absorb jerks, reduce strain and the risk of injuries.

The handle has a pleasantly soft feeling in your hand and offers extra control to direct your pup. Its lightweight and durability make it suitable and portable for travel.

Having received 75% 5-star reviews, clients particularly love the harness’ reflective material that makes it easier to locate their dogs at night without using a flashlight.

3. Best No Pull Harness for Small Dogs Reflective Breathable Soft Mesh ($10.99)

Reflective and breathable soft air mesh no pull harness for small to medium dogs. This soft harness goes over a small dog or puppies head.  A top pick for small and medium-size dogs upto 15 lbs. This harness is extremely soft, comfortable and has a lightweight breathable mesh cloth. The fabric is ideal to keep your dog cool while giving the support your small dogs needs.

It has no frayed edges or buckles hence no irritation against your canine’s skin. A no choke harness is the best option  as its gentle in your dogs neck decreases pulling or tugging.

The best part is the vest has a reflective strip design on the waist which makes it safer when taking walks at night. Safety first right! Its double safety alloy fasteners are easy to put on and off thus saves time. Moreover, it is equipped with a 1.5 m traction rope.

This harness offers you nothing but convenience, cost-effectiveness and safety.

4 . tobeDRI No Pull Dog Harness and Leash Set ($21.99)

Washable and strong no pull harness and leash sets in 5 sizes and a variety of colors.

No pull and no choking padded harness and leash set is suitable for dogs of all sizes. The dog harness has a simple design and quick snap buckles which make it easy to put on and take off.

The locking feature on both snaps makes it more secure, so it 100% ensures no accidentally detachment. There are 4 easy size adjustor’s at neck and chest for to fit your dog perfectly, and there is even with some room for growth.

It’s made of durable thick washable nylon and is enforced with box stitches and bartacks to prevent ripping. Its pulling pressure is evenly distributed which means no choking which is ideal even for large dog breeds.

This style of no pull dog harnesses are perfect for going for a daily walk, running, hiking, training, hunting, outdoor adventure and more!

Adjustable Reflective Easy Control Medium Large Dog Harness with A Free Heavy Duty 5ft Dog Leash

This adjustable harness is one is Amazon’s bestseller and a top pick. It has 82% 5-star reviews and 4.7 out of 5 stars  so it’s easy to see why it is one of the best.

Your canine friend will always be happy and comfortable on his outdoor adventure with this dog harness.

5. Auroth Tactical Dog Training Harness ($24.99)

Best No Pull Harness for All Sizes Of Dogs

Auroth has outdone itself to offer you a no pull dog harness that is not only suitable for dog walks but training as well.

It comes in a variety of colours including: grey, army yellow, black, black ink, blue camo, denim blue, desert camo, grey camo, orange blue camo, purple camo, red camo and woodland camo.

It’s very easy to put on and off and easy to adjust. Simply put the harness on and take it off with 2 release buckles. In addition it allows for a snug fit for maximum mobility.

Its material is highly durable and is well padded to protect your dog’s skin. It is also made with breathable air mesh to ensure your pooch is cosy even during heavy activities such as hunting and hiking.

This harness is one of the best no-pull harnesses according to us because it offers you a wide array of services. For example, if you have a bloodhound in law enforcement, we certainly recommend this harness. It comes with a pouch so you can hook your dog’s bowl, water bottle and favourite toys.

Having a 4.6 out of 5 stars and 77% 5-star reviews, this no pull canine harness is a must-have.

6. Best Harness for Tiny Dogs Toy Breeds and Small Dogs

Best Toy Breeds and Small Dog Harness

Puppies, toy dogs, and short leg canines may have trouble fitting in a standard harness. The EcoBark Soft Dog Harness is a vest-style harness made with stretchy and breathable fabric. Since Puppia does not have a collar size its important to measure as per the instructions.

Though soft the no pull harness will take pulling from tough tiny pups and will do so in a no choke manner.

EcoBark harnesses comes in a variety of sizes however we do not recommend it for large dogs due to its thinner material. These breathable little harnesses are best for small breed dogs (toy dogs and small canines. Your cute and tiny terrors : )

7. BARKBAY Stop Pulling Harness for Medium to Large Dogs

Now this one comes in a wide array of interesting colours and patterns you’ll be spoilt for choice. It is also available for small, medium, large and extra-large canines.

Putting on and off is completely hassle-free. It also has a top easy lift handle for extra safety and control. Furthermore, it is made of lightweight no rip nylon and anti-chafe padding that feels great against your doggy’s skin.

Finally, its ultra-reflective strips ensure that your pup is visible at night. For a dog harness that has received 74% 5-star reviews and 4.5 out of 5 stars, we recommend this for your four legged buddy.

8. 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Canine Harness Leash Included ($39.56)

Fully adjustable harness and free leash, made with premium materials and guarantee

Though it’s quite pricey, this harness worth every penny;  it’s loaded with features such as four adjustment points with Swiss Velvet lining that protects from friction. Second, it has two connections which offer you better control and training results with your canine.

This leash is recommended by international trainers, dog behaviourists and veterinarians for training your pup.

It is available for all dog sizes in a wide array of colours to suit your preference. If you desire sophistication and don’t mind throwing in an extra dime, then this is a dog harness for you. It’s made with stainless steel hardware and super strong nylon webbing. And it comes with an amazing chewing replacement warranty included by 2 Hounds Design.

9. PHOEPET 2019 Upgraded Reflective No Pull Dog Harness Sizes XS to XLarge

best no pull harness

Lots of Features in This Strong Secure Harness

Sturdy, secure and made with reflective materials. Your dog will love wearing this harness! It has three snap buckles, one on the neck and two on the chest thus no need to go through the pup’s head. Its chest hook will reduce pulling a great deal and guarantees a more enjoyable walk.

The reflective material ensures your dog’s extra safety at night because drivers can see him in case he runs across the street. The harness also has a convenient handle at the back that makes it easier to control your pup’s movement and guide him into the car. This harness is ideal for medium and larger dogs as it’s strong and makes walking easy for you and your dog. However I don’t recommend it for really small and ting breeds due to its wide straps. Big dogs for sure!

Buy this harness and you’ll definitely give it a 5-star review!

10. Rabbitgoo Dog Harnesses for Large and Extra Large Dogs

Another pick for large canines such as German Shepherds, Labradors or Akitas, this dog harness will make your doggy stand out.

It is thoughtfully crafted with 2 metal leash rings for safer walks. Its chest attachment hook prevents your dog from pulling and tugging.

It gives you easy service-being lightweight and is simple to clean. You can put it on and take off in seconds with its fast-release buckles.

It is fully adjustable and gives your pup a snug fit thus no worries about choking or slipping out.

This dog harness has obtained 75% 5-star reviews and 4.5 out of 5 stars because dog owners love how safe and comfortable it is. For one, they love that it is padded with a soft cushion to protect their doggie’s skin. Second, its breathable air mesh makes it suitable for outdoor activities.

There’s nothing not to love about this dog harness!

In Summary of the 10 Best No Pull Harnesses for Small to Extra Large Dogs

Having a quality, no pull harness can make for a brisk dog walk and we want to ensure your experience is stress-free.

Just try one from our above listing- they are tried and tested by actual dog owners who have independently rated them!