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dog clippers for thick coats

Quiet Rechargeable Cordless Dog Coat Shaver Review

Best Quiet Rechargeable Cordless Dog Shaver Review Are you tired of struggling with grooming your dog’s thick and knotted hair? Look no further than the oneisall Dog Clippers a dog coat shaver ideal for Grooming for Thick Heavy Coats.

lick mat for dogs

Understanding Why Dogs Lick and Lick Mat Benefits

Is Licking Mentally Stimulating for Dogs? Have you ever wondered why dogs lick? It may be licking themselves, other dogs, or even you? In this article, we will delve into dog licking behavior and the mental stimulation in dogs.

light up harness for dogs

Light Up Dog Harness Safety LED Harness for Dogs

Best Light Up Harnesses for Dogs Keep your dog safe at night and dull days with a light up harness for dogs. Trying to keep track of your dog while staying safe is nerve-wracking. That’s where a light up dog harness comes to the rescue! It’s not just a comfortable accessory for dogs of all …

hemp oil for pets - care for pet joints

What to Do If Your Dog Has Razor Burn After Grooming

What to Do If Your Dog Has Razor Burn After Grooming Have you ever noticed your dog scratching or appearing uncomfortable after a grooming session? They may have developed razor burn, a common issue that can be distressing for both you and your canine. But don’t worry! This guide will provide practical, dog-friendly solutions to …

double dog bowl

Best Dog Bowls for Chihuahuas and Other Small Dogs

Best Dog Bowls for Chihuahuas and Other Small Dogs: Finding the Perfect Match When you have a small dog like a Chihuahua, every detail matters, right down to the bowl from which they eat and drink. While it might seem like a minor detail, the type of dog bowl you use can significantly affect your …

dog paw on human hand

How to Clean Dogs Paws After Walking Step by Step

Step by Step to Clean Dog’s Paws After Walking Maintaining paw hygiene is essential for your dog’s health. They walk on dirt, urine and a plethora of dirt that ends up in their mouth after licking as well as your home. But how do you clean a dog’s paws properly after a walk? This comprehensive …

10 Best Dog Training Whistles a Treat Free Way to Train

Best Dog Whistles for Training – Ideal to Stop Barking and Obedience Are you looking for the best dog whistles for training your canine? Training dogs can be a rewarding experience, but it requires effective communication. That’s where dog whistles come in. A dog whistle is a valuable tools that can help you communicate with …

Best Self Watering Dog Bowls for a Rescue Dog

Best Self Watering Dog Bowls for a Rescue Dog Rescue dogs often come with a unique set of needs and challenges. These brave and beautiful creatures have been through hardship and trauma, making their comfort and wellbeing a priority for any responsible dog owner. One of these essential needs is consistent access to fresh water. …

summer dog clothes

Top 7 Summer Dog Clothes for Tiny and Small Dogs

Top 7 Summer Dog Clothes for Tiny and Small Dogs Summer is here, and it’s time to refresh our wardrobes, including those of our four-legged companions. This blog post will guide you through the top 7 summer dog clothes for tiny and small dogs. Let’s help our little canine pups stay cool and fashionable during …

energetic dog running through water

Best Chew Toys for Australian Shepherds Quality Dog Toys for Bored Aussies

Top Chew Toys for Australian Shepherds Australian Shepherds, fondly known as Aussies, are lively, intelligent, and energetic dogs that love to play. They have a natural instinct to chew, which helps keep them mentally stimulated and physically fit. However, the wrong toy can easily become a shredded mess. So, what are the best chew toys …