10 Low Shedding Dog Breeds AKA Hypoallergenic Dogs

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10 Low Shedding Dogs Breeds – We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. You go to a friend’s house, they have a light haired dog that sheds a ton, and you end up looking like you went swimming in fur with no lint roller in sight. Or you had a dog of your own that has had shedding issues.

If you’re in the market for a low shedding type of dog due to allergies. Or may be you’re simply curious about which canines made the cut on our list of 10 low shedding dog breeds.  Read on and learn about these adorable canines today!

1. Bichon Frise

These curly head little marshmallows are playful and sweet. They actually look like they don’t shed because the any dead hair get stuck in their top coat. A good grooming regimen is an important part of sharing your life with a Bichon Frise in order to avoid their coat matting.

2. Poodle a Popular Low shedding dog breeds

These showy pooches have actually only one coat, which is different from the usual undercoat and topcoat that most dogs have. Due to this and their tendency to be trimmed quite short and low shedding genetics, you won’t find many stray hairs around. Weekly
brushing is a must!

3. Maltese a Favorite Small Dog Breed That’s Low Shedding

The sassy Maltese has a lovely, fine long coat that is soft to the touch. And luckily their silky coat is a low concern for when it comes to matting. However its important to brush a Maltese dog on a regular basis to avoid tangles.

4. Miniature Schnauzer

low shedding dogs - image of schnauzer

The athletically inclined Mini Schnauzer has a gorgeous double coat that doesn’t tend to grow very long. Due to the double coat though, matting is a big concern and frequent brushing and trimming is required. This adorable low shedding dog breeds come in 3 sizes. This makes it easy to find the perfect one to meet your families needs.

5. Standard Schnauzer

Another in the beautiful Schnauzer family, it too has a unique double coat. Care should be taken to use a technique known as ‘stripping’ to ensure mats do not build up, as well as frequent clipping.

6. Giant Schnauzer

The literal giant of the Schnauzer family, this hardworking dog has wiry, tough fur. Daily brushing is important and will help to avoid nasty tangles. Clipping should also be a regular task.

7. Wirehaired Dachshund

These loveable and stubborn Hot Dogs have a unique double coat that is quite wiry and prone to matting. The stripping technique should be implemented at least twice a year, and daily brushing is strongly recommended. They seem to shed infrequently as the dead hairs get caught in the longer top coat.

8. Shorthair Daschund

This doxie has very short, fine hair. Since he’s without his aforementioned brother’s sometimes difficult double coat. Shedding is almost nonexistent in this breed as long as brushing is kept up.

9. Portugese Water Dog

The Portuguese water dog is active and affectionate. Also know for short as PWD –  has a waterproof, curly coat that makes swimming a breeze. These little guys, like a few others in the list have no undercoat – which makes  shedding virtually nonexistent.

10. The Chinese Crested

This small hairless dog is on the list of low shedding dog breeds for obvious reasons. They Chinese crested dog makes a wonderful companion, as well as a very intuitive, almost hair free canine. This little dog has either very long, fine hair or nearly none at all. Daily brushing should be implemented if yours has hair, to avoid tangles.

In addition these little canines will require little sweaters to keep them warm, as well as special sunscreen for dogs to keep their skin from burning in the sun.

Conclusion 10 Low Shedding Dog Breeds

Shedding is a fact of life. It’s a myth that there are dogs out there that don’t shed at all. However, there are many dog who shed less than others. In all cases your will deal with fur at some time. Whether it is to groom your dog, or general clean up you will encounter hair. But the real culprit of allergies is pet dander. Of which there is less in the low shedding dog breeds.

Dogs are a life time of commitment, love and care. In addition to to picking a dog that sheds less, it’s also to take into consideration, the energy level, age, weight, diet, and grooming techniques when adopting a four legged friend.