9 Best Indestructible Dog Beds for Chewers

indestructable dog bedsAbove is the Indestructible Dog Bed by ChewProof 

Are you a dog parent to a canine who is a chewer or a scratcher? The you want to see these indestructible dog beds!

You have probably gotten a few replacement dog beds because your hound is repeatedly destroying the cave bed or memory foam bed you got her the last time. It is not that she doesn’t care about the comfort you are trying to get her, it is just her natural instinct to chew and scratch things.

What if you get her one of the best indestructible dog beds for chewers. These are heavy-duty dog beds made of highly indestructible materials and designs.

We have several options that will help tame your pooch destructive behavior.

Top Picks for (Almost) Indestructible Dog Beds

K9 Ballistics Chew-Proof Ripstop Fabric Elevated Dog Bed is our top pick. This bed is made of a heavy-duty aluminum frame and ripstop ballistic fabric that your hound will find difficult to chew, dig, scratch, and bite.

The Best Indestructible Dog Beds for Chewers Are:

1. K9 Ballistics Chew-Proof Ripstop Fabric Elevated Dog Bed No Assembly Required

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed, All Aluminum – Ripstop Ballistic Fabric ($129-169) in 4 Colors

Do you have a dog that has a destructive chewing problem? This no-chew elevated dog bed from K9 Ballistics is what you should be looking for.

This is the go-to dog bed that is going to take care of your pooch. It is virtually indestructible thanks to the ripstop ballistic fabric. If your chewer is determined to pull out the stuff contained in typical beds, then this is the cot you should be buying. It lifts your pooch off the floor and provides a little bit more support and comfort.

It is made with a heavy-duty ballistic fabric with a waterproof bottom. The fabric is backed by a one hundred and eight-day chew-proof warranty. It has aluminum edges with the fabric hidden inside the actual aluminum so your pal cannot get to it.

Key Features

  • Ripstop ballistic fabric
  • Aluminum edges
  • Raised design
  • Dog crate-compatible
  • 180-day chew-proof warranty
  • Resists destructive chewing behavior
  • Keeps your dog raised away from the cold floor
  • The edges are covered to prevent any chewing
  • The material can withstand repeated chewing attempts
  • The fabric is super easy to clean
  • It may not be a great choice for larger dogs


The bed is heavy-duty to withstand stubborn chewers and it will fit most standard dog crates.

Overall Rating: 4.7

2. Amazon Basics Inexpensive Cooling Elevated Chew Resistant Pet Bed

Price from $19.99 – 34.99 on Amazon <<

If you have a tight budget but still want to get great value for your cash, then this amazing cot from Amazon Basics is exactly what you need.

It comes in five different sizes, large, medium, small, extra-large, and extra-small. It is uniquely designed to keep your dog safe seven inches off the ground. In terms of construction quality, this bed features a heavy-duty metal frame that has good bearing capacity. The PVC fabric will repel your pooch’s destructive chewing behavior. The fabric is also breathable, easy to clean, soft, and very comfortable.

The unique cutouts on the corners make assembly easier. You just have to fit the rods in and slightly twist them as you tighten the individual screws.

Key Features

  • Strong frame design
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • PVC breathable fabric
  • Cutout corners
  • Lifted design
  • Good choice for small to large dogs
  • The cot-style design keeps your pup raised and cozy
  • The fabric can take a beating from your dog’s teeth and paws
  • Mesh structure improves air circulation
  • Installation hardware is included in the package
  • Putting together the cot may prove to be a challenge


Whether your pooch is 50, 80, or 100 pounds, this bed will provide a cozy lounge area. Not to mention that she will not be able to chew or rip the fabric.

Overall Rating: 4.6

3. Kuranda Chew Proof Dog Bed for Dogs With Sensitive Skin

Tough Cooling Bed for Dogs with Sensitive Skin From 64.95 – 99.95 <<

Your chewer will appreciate the spacious lounging area provided by this cot. She might even forget the chewing behavior altogether.

The bed has a raised design, which is great because it keeps your pooch lifted and cold-free. The fabric is made of Cordura, a material with high-tensile strength fibers that can withstand destructive chewing behavior. The fabric is one hundred percent waterproof. So, it is extremely easy to clean with a damp piece of cloth without worrying about the water spilling on the floor. The fabric is also slip-resistant, which means it provides a lot of traction for your pooch to get on and off safely.

The unique design of the frame makes it near impossible for canines to chew through and damage the fabric.

Key Features

  • Cordura fabric
  • PVC frame
  • Elevated orthopedic design
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Stable leg design
  • UV-resistant finish
  • The high-strength frame supports large dogs
  • The elevated cot design is highly orthopedic
  • The fabric is not only chew-proof but also rip-resistant
  • It provides lots of traction for quick on and off
  • Assembling the product may be a little bit of a challenge


She can scratch, chew, and try to punch her way through but the Cordura fabric will withstand the abuse. The assembly, however, may not be entirely easy.

Overall Rating: 4.6

4. Western Home Outdoor Elevated Chew Proof Dog Bed

Raised Dog Bed for Extra Large Dogs, Portable with Breathable Mesh, Durable Frame Starting from 25.99

Are you tired of your dog’s destructive chewing behavior? Do you want to avoid buying new beds every now and then? This elevated model from Western Home is a great option.

The cot features well-selected materials that have been tested for bearing capacity and strength. The steel frame can withstand the weight of small, medium, and large dogs and it has anti-skid legs that will not scratch your floor when your dog jumps on top. The polyester fabric is resistant to ripping and chewing. The textile has a tight mesh design for added breathability. It is extremely easy to clean fur and any other messes from the fabric with a damp or dry piece of cloth.

The edges of the fabric are reinforced and rounded to withstand the pulling from the steel frame. The parts fit together easily and you will only need an Allen key to tighten the screws.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Polyester mesh fabric
  • Suitable for up to 85 pounds
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Reinforced, rounded corners
  • It is scratch and water-resistant
  • The mesh textile allows for superior ventilation
  • Easy to install and only needs one tool
  • The raised design is a great choice for dogs with joint issues
  • The fabric can effectively repel destructive chewing behavior
  • The brand’s customer support isn’t the most reliable


This is a great choice for the money. It is chew-proof, easy to clean, soft, and very comfortable.

Overall Rating: 4.5

5. Suddus Elevated Chew Proof Dog Bed in Sizes Medium, Large Bed and Extra Large

Waterproof Portable Raised Dog Bed 44.99 – 69.99 on Amazon <<

Help your pooch stop her destructive chewing behavior with this amazing elevated dog bed from Suddus.

The Textilene cover is uniquely woven to repel chewers, diggers, and scratchers. The fabric has a mesh design for improved breathability. The heavy-duty frame has a great weight-bearing capacity and it is available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The corners of the cover are reinforced to prevent your dog from chewing.

You’ve also got non-slip rubber pads on the feet that help keep your floor scratch-free whenever your dog jumps on and off the bed.

Key Features

  • Textilene fabric
  • Exquisite weaving technology
  • Reserved canopy interface
  • Strong, durable frame
  • It is a great choice for larger dogs
  • The fabric is both chew-proof and rip-resistant
  • The cover is highly breathable and comfortable
  • Lifted design is suitable for dogs with joint issues
  • Reinforced corners improve stability
  • Assembling this bed can be a headache for some dog parents


As long as you get the assembling right, this is a great chew-proof dog bed for the money.

Overall Rating: 4.5

6. Paws & Pals Chew-Proof Steel Frame Elevated Dog Bed

Indestructible Chew Proof Elevated Bed is Available in Medium and Large on Amazon $29.98 – 32.98 <<

If you are ready to take your dog’s bedding situation to another level, we’ve got just the bed for you. It is this amazing chew-proof raised dog bed from Paws & Pals.

Sometimes the ground may get too hot in summer or your living room may get way too cold in winter. The elevated design gets your pup off the ground and into a much cozier place. All the parts of the bed come together easily out of the box for quick assembly. The hardware fits effortlessly into the holes for quick fastening.

The fabric is made of heavy-duty material and it is highly breathable allowing constant airflow around your pal’s body. The fabric is also water-resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Key Features

  • Ripstop fabric material
  • Strong steel frame
  • Easy fitting parts and hardware
  • Elevated design
  • Rounded edges
  • The lightweight, compact design is great for travel
  • The fabric is chew-proof and rip-resistant
  • The mesh construction of the fabric is highly breathable
  • The lifted bed keeps your pet comfortable and cozy
  • Easy assemble and disassemble
  • Not for larger dog breeds
  • It may collapse if the screws are not tightened properly


This is a great product for small to medium chewers. But make sure you tighten the screws properly.

Overall Rating: 4.4

7. Veehoo Chew Proof-Elevated Dog Bed

Chew Proof Elevated Cooling Dog Bed with Aluminum Frame, Durable Textilene & No-Slip Feet

Indestructable Dog Beds 56.99 – 76.99 Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large on Amazon

Your Labrador, Border Collie or Chihuahua has chewed enough beds already. It is time you stopped his or her destructive chewing behavior with this amazing elevated cot from Veehoo.

What we truly admire about this bed is the heavy-duty frame that comes in easy to put together parts. When fully assembled, the bed is elevated seven inches off the ground to keep her safe from the cold floor. The raised design is also a good choice for pooches with joint issues or large breeds. The upgraded feet of the bed keep your floors scratch-free.

The high-quality Textilene mat is extremely strong and durable. Your four-legged pal will have a hard time chewing through the mat. Not to mention that the corners of the fabric are properly tucked into the frame to completely prevent destructive chewing.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Textilene mesh
  • Multiple sizes
  • Anti-slip bed feet
  • Reinforced, rounded corners
  • Elevated design
  • The elevated design is perfect for dogs with joint issues
  • The fabric has incredible chew-proof properties
  • Heavy-duty corners prevent repel your pup’s chewing behavior
  • It is easy to clean hairs from the mesh fabric
  • A great choice for small, medium, and large dogs
  • Assembling the bed can be a challenge for new dog parents


The bed offers superior comfort and exceptional chew resistance.

Overall Rating: 4.4

8. Veehoo Bolster Chew-Proof Raised Dog Bed for Ting, Small and Medium Dogs

Elevated Bed With Bolster -Made with Chew Proof & Washable Textilene (41.99-63.99) on Amazon <<

You can tame your Chihuahua’s destructive chewing behavior and provide her with a cozy lounging spot with the Veehoo Bolster.

The bed features a powder-coated steel frame, which is great because it has superior weight-bearing capacity and rust resistance. The cover is made of heavy-duty Textilene fabric that is chew-proof, mold-resistant, flame retardant, and waterproof. The bed is raised seven inches high to keep your pup off the ground and the feet are anti-skid.

What is truly impressive about this bed is the u-shaped plush bolster, which provides additional comfort when your dog is lazing around and forgot all about chewing the fabric.

Key Features

  • Stable steel framework
  • Raised design
  • Removable plush bolster
  • Strong Textilene mesh
  • Holds up to 150 pounds


The fabric is chew-proof and waterproof

  • U-shaped plush bolster adds comfort
  • The raised bed design is good for dogs with joint issues
  • Hook and loop straps add superior security


  • The anti-skid legs will keep your floor scratch-free
  • Some models may come with low-quality stitching

Verdict This amazing cot will resist all your dog’s attempts to chew the fabric while keeping comfortable and cozy all day long.

Overall Rating: 4.4

9. K9 Ballistics Tough Orthopedic Dog Bed

Orthopedic Bed for Giants Dog, Tough Fabric in Small, Medium Large and Giant (4 Colors) 109.00 -299.00

Does your dog suffer from destructive chewing behavior, anxiety, or joint issues? If so, then you need this amazing chew-proof and orthopedic bed from K9 Ballistics.

The first thing that we love about this bed is the fact that it comes in five different sizes, which include small, medium, large, extra-large, and giant. You can get it in green, blue, black, and tan. Your four-legged digger, chewer, or scratcher will have a hard time digging, chewing, or scratching through the ripstop fabric. The fabric also has a water-resistant lining that does a great job of preventing moisture from getting to the mattress.

The next best thing about this bed is the CertiPUR-US foam mattress inside the cover. When your dog gets tired with the unsuccessful chewing and scratching attempts, she will lie down and enjoy the comfort provided by the pad.

Key Features

  • K9 Ballistics fabric
  • CertiPUR-US foam
  • Multiple colors and sizes
  • Removable cover
  • The fabric is rip-stop and chew-resistant
  • The cover is removable and machine washable
  • The orthopedic mattress is good for the joints
  • A great choice for small, medium, and large pups
  • Some models may come with poor stitching


This is the bed to buy if you want your pup to stop her destructive chewing behavior.

Overall Rating: 4.3

How to Choose Indestructible Dog Beds

Here are a few important things you should look for:

Types of Dog Beds

All companies that manufacture dog beds usually claim that their products are chew-proof or scratch-resistant. But that may not turn to be true with some aggressive chewers. There is always the exception to the rule and some dogs will destroy almost anything.

So, be mindful of the type of dog bed you choose because some designs are just prone to destruction. The most recommended type is a raised or elevated bed. This design normally features a heavy-duty fabric (that is highly resistant to chewing, scratching, biting, or digging) that is tucked into a metallic frame with reinforced corners to prevent your dog from reaching the edges of the fabric.

Then, we’ve got orthopedic beds that are made up of premium foam and a chew-proof fabric cover. How indestructible an orthopedic design is, usually depends on the quality of the fabric cover and stitching.

Size of The Canine’s Bed

The size of the bed is an important consideration when looking for the best indestructible dog beds for chewers. You get a large chewer a small bed and she will definitely be encouraged to come up with ways of destroying it. If it is a raised bed, then choose a slightly larger size that will accommodate the weight of your hound and provide her with a comfortable sleeping area. She might even forget about chewing because the bed is too spacious and cozy. The same goes for an orthopedic bed.

Materials That Make Up Indestructible Dog Beds

It is very simple dog parents, poor quality materials will not survive the wrath of aggressive chewers. Some dogs may take as little as five minutes to be done with their new beds. So, it is advisable to invest in a bed that is made of premium quality materials or fabric like ripstop ballistic fabric, CertiPUR-US high-density foam, strong Textilene fabric, heavy-duty aluminum frame, and polyester mesh fabric.

Concluding Best Indestructible Dog Beds for Tough Chewers

When it comes to finding the best indestructible dog beds for chewers, you need to consider designs that are made of chew-proof materials like ballistic or Textilene fabric and CertiPUR-US foam.

Apart from discouraging your dog’s destructive chewing, scratching, biting, and digging behavior, the best bed should provide support and comfort for hounds with joint issues. Also, make sure you choose a spacious bed that will allow your four-legged friend to spread her body without falling off the edge.