Looking for a Dog in Retirement? – 10 Best Dogs for Retirees

10 best dogs for retirees

If you’re enjoying retirement and taking life easy, you might find yourself yearning for the companionship of a dog. Cute, cuddly and someone to walk with. Check out 10 of the best dogs for retirees’. However, depending on your health and lifestyle – not every breed of dog will fit. It’s important to think about your activity level, the time you have to commit to a dog, your living space and other factors.

Puppies for example are super cute but they require training and lots of time. While a calmer adult rescue dog  may be a perfect fit. As well, a big factor to take into account where you live. Many condo and apartment living allow dogs only under a certain height or weight range.  If this is the case then a small dog is best in this case.

Today we’re going to take a look at the top ten best dog breeds that might suit your needs in retirement. Or anytime you are considering adopting a canine friend. PPS – In addition make sure to visit your local shelter and consider adopting a four leg companion to love.

In no particular order here are the 10 of the best dogs for retirees’

1. Poodles Smart, Low Shedding and Easy Going

Poodles are incredibly loyal and gentle dogs. With smarts to boot, you’ll likely not have to worry about training them overly much, and are fairly low key in terms of exercise needs. They also shed very little, which is excellent for allergy issues.

2. Havanese Energetic Fluff Balls

While definitely more suited for an owner with some energy and lots of free time, these sociable fuzzballs enamour everyone they cross paths with. Often trained as a therapy animal, these sunny little dogs will make sure you always have a smile on your face.

3. Pomeranian Energetic and Loyal

Pomeranian dog

Image of Small Fluffy Dog

Fancy owning a ball of fur with a tiny tongue and lots of love and affection to give? Look no further than a little Pom. Ideal for

individuals with some energy and extra time to train and tame their slightly wily personalities.

4. Pugs Funny and Full of Character

Ah, the loveable and iconic Pug. Pugs are extremely loving, childlike, and will be quite satisfied lounging on the couch all day. Pugs get bursts of energy, and a quick walk is all that these pups require, as they find temperature regulation difficult. If you are active then it may be best to leave pugs off the best list of dogs for retirees’. As they are not physically built for long hikes.

5. French Bulldog Cute Companions

Similar to their Puggy cousins, these little guys enjoy a good nap and plenty of relaxation time with you on the couch. These playful dogs enjoy the occasional walk, but in milder temperatures is best. They also tend to be on the quieter side.

6. Shih tzu Cute and Cuddly

These very malleable doggos will do just as well in a large house as they would in a small apartment complex. They’re very playful dogs, but generally don’t require a ton of exercise. They live for snuggles and are just too cute!

7. Labrador Retriever Larger Lovable Dog


You didn’t think we’d give the small fuzzies all of the attention did you? These famous dogs come in three equally iconic colors: chocolate, yellow, and black. These dogs have extremely friendly dispositions, are very easy to train (especially as service dogs), and are very loyal and loving.

8. Beagle – Loving and Loyal

Bred originally as a hunting dog, these little guys make the best dogs for retirees list. Beagle’s love the outdoors – so definitely ensure you have the energy to match! They have extremely warm dispositions and likely have never come across a scent they didn’t want to chase after! Ideal for those with a house and fencing system.

9. Corgi – Funny and Loyal –  One of the Best Dogs for Moderately Active Retirees

You don’t have to be the Queen of England to enjoy the company of a corgi. They are super friendly dogs. But despite their short legs Corgi’s are active and require daily exercise. These small smiling face dogs have stout little bodies that assist them with their original purpose: herding! As such, they are very loyal and protective…but generally err on the smaller side.

10. Maltese Low Shedding Small Dogs

Also available in ‘teacup’ size! This tiny white canine is the happiest little lap dogs. They love relaxing with their owners and are considered very soft and gently mannered dogs. In addition if you want a low shedding dog then consider a Maltese or maltese mix (such as a Malti-poo).

Concluding the 10 Best Dogs for Retirees’

It’s important to note that just because a person finds themselves retired, it doesn’t meant they have endless time available. Many seniors are busy golfing, participating in hobbies, visiting friends or traveling. If you have many commitments that tie up your free time, perhaps consider another breed or a different kind of pet. Or get your canine fix fostering or volunteering in your local shelter.