Greyhounds Are They Good Family Dogs

greyhounds good family dogs

Did you ever wonder if greyhounds are good family dogs? They are beautiful dogs, and many are adopted through rescue societies. But when many people consider adopting a rescue dog, they think twice about adopting a Greyhound  for their family. Because many people have visions of this sleek dogs running around a race track. But in fact Greyhounds can actually be couch potatoes.

The Greyhound dog is quite different from the stereotypical story of them. In fact their humans  humans report that they are wonderful companions. Some are so chill that some even live in apartments, as long as they get out for their daily walks.

But since they may have a natural drive to chase, it best to keep them on a leash until you get to know the them. This way you can observe how he reacts around children and other animals.

Research All Breeds Before You Adopt 

But like adopting any dog it is important to do your research. There are so many factors to consider when adopting a dog. Such as the size of a dog, ow big will they get? And what is their energy level, are there potential health issues to consider and what is the cost of caring for a dog… to name a few.

What Greyhound Owner Say

Greyhounds are wonderful dogs and contrary to common belief greyhound are lazier than people think. They are quite submissive and calm, and they enjoy lounging around. They have loving personalities, and they are capable of following commands. Unless they are in the mind to chase something. But with daily exercise they tend to tire quickly.

I recently met a woman in the park. She was taking a break from cycling, and I strolling my Oscar, my rescue dog. In no time we are talking about dogs. Then she told me that while she is out cycling her Greyhound is at home snuggling. “She’s a real couch potato”- she laughed and said people assume she runs all day. But she is my 3rd and all of my Greyhounds have been lazy.

It’s an eye opener for many people. But most Greyhound parents will attest that their greyhounds a wonderful dog who settles in nicely with the family.

This surprising behavior is a result of breeding for rapid releases of energy. They are meant to spot, give chase and subdue a target in mere minutes. So it makes sense that Greyhounds spend most of the day living like a cheetah, sleeping and saving up energy for when it needs to release it.

Exercising Your Greyhound

All dogs require good food, and exercise, and a Greyhound is no different.  So if you adopt a Greyhound be make sure you are able to give him or her the exercise they require.

The breed is one that can live in a small apartment or other small confines, but as long as they get out a couple of time a day to exercise. The canine will have periods of extreme energy especially as a puppy or their first couple of years and will release it either on your terms or on his or her own terms.

Greyhound Dogs Like Routine

Just about every greyhound that can be adopted as a pet are retired racers. They are trained for routine. If you use outside time for exercise, they may also use the time for bathroom needs as well. Overall, the breed offers a loving personality and demeanor. And they are happy to lay around and snuggle on a nice cool bed most of the time.

When it is time to go out, at the exact time they are used to going out, they will perk up and be ready to go for a walk and doing their business. Like most dogs a rescue Greyhound enjoys routine. This is something all dogs enjoy and thrive on.

Do You Need a Yard to Have a Greyhound

If your think you need a big yard think again. As long as you take your Greyhound out for his daily walk and potty breaks many of these beautiful canines are happy to live in an apartment or townhome. As long as they get in their daily routine Greyhounds are happy to lounge around.

Concluding Are Greyhounds Good Family Dogs

Greyhounds are wonderful dogs and they are good family dogs. If you are willing to set a routine, go for daily walks then most Greyhounds will be happy pupps. Like most dogs if you are willing to work with a canine that will follow your lead most of the time then he will be a good family dog.

Keep in mind all dogs can learn new tricks. As your Greyhound who will likely join your home as a result of adopting him as a rescue. So you will require taking time to get him to bond and settle with you. Then you can do some gentle training and get him accustomed to hoe your family pack work. In addition even adults dog enjoy learning new tricks.

Keeping this in mind will prepare you for all the possible difficulties and amazing things if you choose to adopt a greyhound breed.

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