Dog Treat Dispensing Camera Gift by Furbo

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How do we repay our dogs for the love that they give? With a best dog treat dispenser with camera by furbo. Whether you are looking for a gift for a dog owner, or want a way to watch your dog from the office the furbo treat dispenser is a fun gadget for doggo parents everywhere!

Cameras with Treats For the Love of Our Dogs

Let’s be honest we’re a little gaga over our dogs, and well deserved. Over the past few years canine family members gave us meaning, maintained our health with exercise and kept us sane. And now that we are heading back to work whose going to keep an eye on the family dog? Not only do some dogs get anxious when we are not with home but we have have come to rely on them and their company too!

This is where home cameras can come into play. There are lots of cameras to watch our dogs remotely, but what about a camera with treats? Glad you asked. Today we talk about one of the best pet cameras with a treat dispensers that is a fun and rewarding to monitor your dog at home.

Furbo Treat Dispensing Camera – a Monitor for Pets

One of the newest and highly touted dog monitor on the market is the Furbo Dog Camera. Not only is this a camera that allows you to monitor and watch your pets while you are away, but you can reward them with treats when they deserve them. With this said we introduce the Furbo Treat Dispenser that is a dog camera too!

Furbo Dog Camera Appearance & Style

The Furbo Dog Camera has a very minimalistic and modern look to it.
I think that the white really makes it look clean and crisp. There is a small hole where the treats can dispense from and then a small cutout at the top where the camera is located. That is about it, really. The top is removeable so you can insert your dog’s favorite treats.

It really reminds me of something you would see from Ring, just based on the appearance of it.

The Furbo Do Camera will definitely look nice on a shelf or a bookcase. It blends in well and doesn’t look cheap.

How to Set Up Your Furbo Dog Monitor

Setting up your Fubo monitor is pretty simple and should not take more than a few minutes. Below is a quick run down of the furbo set up steps:

  • Download the app from the app store
  • Your phone’s bluetooth will locate and pair with the Furbo
  • Set up your K-9 friend’s profile inside the app

From here, you can now set your preferences under the settings tab. You can play around with the night vision, video quality, how treats are dispensed, different voice commands and get it set up with Alexa.

Now you are free test the Furbo treat tossing function out and see how your dog responds. What is cool is that you can start the live video feed, so you can watch the treats shoot out and see what your dog does. The first time, my dog was a bit confused why this white object was throwing stuff at him, but he quickly changed his tune when he realized they were tiny treats.

How To Set Up Furbo For Voice Commands With Alexa

Go to the Alexa App

  1. Select Skills & Games
  2. Type in “Furbo” (it should autogenerate the name)
  3. Select FURBO DOG CAMERA skill
  4. Select ENABLE
  5. Link your Furbo account by logging in
  6. After it confirms that your are linked to the device go to DISCOVER DEVICES
  7. Once the Furbo is found, click SET UP DEVICE
  8. Here you can add Furbo to a group or just click DONE

Now you can say “Alexa, tell Furbo to toss a treat,” and through science and witchcraft your dog just got a treat! Pretty cool, yes?

Now for me, I don’t really like using voice commands to dispense treats when I am home. When I am there, I want to be the one to physically reward my dog if he’s being good and deserves a treat. I also don’t want him to start thinking this treat-tossing robot is his new god.

However, the treat-tossing feature is very handy if you are away from home and want to send him a reward for being good or just to brighten up his day.

Furbo Treat Dispenser Video & Audio Quality

The video quality of the Furbo Dog Camera is pretty decent. You can see clear enough in daylight or when on night vision.

I do like how well the wide angle lens works to capture my entire living room.

You are able to record up to 60 seconds worth of video, as well as snap still shots as you go.

If you should capture your furry friend doing something funny or exceptionally naughty, you can save and share those videos or images with others.

The audio of the Furbo Dog Camera isn’t the highest of quality. It will do the trick, but could be better for sure.

Overall the video and audio is fine and does what you need.

Furbo Dog Camera Bark Alert

The Furbo dog treat dispensing camera allows you to receive push notifications on your phone that detects when your dog is barking. This can be useful if your dog never barks and is indicating that something is really wrong. But otherwise, it is not necessary a helpful feature. Unless you want to see how your dog reacts when you are way from home.

The dog monitor allows you to adjust the bark sensitivity so it doesn’t alert you every time your dog makes a noise.

Should You Get Treat Dispensing Furbo Dog Camera?

Some people are going to love the idea of watching their pup on camera and being able to toss treats. While other dog parents will may prefer to leave their dog alone. Especially if their dog has a routine and enjoys their own company. As with anything, opinions will vary.  And, if you don’t invest in a doggy monitor it doesn’t mean you love your dog less.

Pros For The Furbo Dog Camera

Modern and clean design

  • High video quality
  • USB cord for easy charging
  • Easy set up
  • Works well on wifi
  • 2 way audio
  • Treating tossing function works well

CONS For The Furbo Monitor

  • The audio quality isn’t great
  • Bark notifications can be annoying (can be turned off)

How Much Does The Furbo Dog Camera Cost?furbo home dog monitor and treat dispenser for pets

You can pick up a Furbo Dog Camera for your home for $170. That isn’t a bad price, considering you are getting a high quality camera and a treat dispenser on one.

Concluding the Best Dog Treat Dispensing Camera by Furbo

Do you need a camera that shoots out treats? No… Is it a fun treat machine…yes! The thing is that it is a treat dispensing monitor for your canine is not meant to replace you. Instead the Furbo treat dispenser gadget is a fun way to monitor you dog when you can’t be there and a fun way to give them a few treats.

Nothing will replace their daily walks, loving care and companionship. But it’s a cool gadget to treat your dog if you have a few extra dollars to spend.

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