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Why Dogs Bark!

Why Dogs Bark
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Among all of the reasons why dogs bark is that they are amazing early warning systems. A dog will let you know if there is someone wrong, like a stranger on your property, or an unwanted animal. In addition dogs by nature have incredible senses. They can smell and hear things a human cannot. You likely hear the stories of dogs who awake their human to alert them of a fire, a storm, or even sensing if someone is sick. But today you wonder why dogs bark… and what you can do to stop any ‘excessive’ barking.

Barking Alerts

One of the biggest reasons why dogs bark is to alert you that someone or something is near. This type of barking is good. And it’s a dogs way of taking care of and protecting you. Canines have the ability to see and hear what you often don’t. So if your dog alerts you with barking then it’s likely a good idea to pay attention for safety and security.

And if if you notice there is something going on, you want to reward him. This way you reassure him that he did the right thing.

Excessive Barking for No Apparent Reason

The kind of barking that can become an annoying habit is when a dog barks for what seems to you to be no reason. Dogs always have a reason, but not all barking is necessary. For the same reason that humans eat when they’re not hungry, dogs will bark when nothing is going on.


Dogs will often bark if they’re excited, bored or in response to other dogs barking. It’s their pack mentality that causes that – even though they may not be in a pack at this time.

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If your dog barks because he’s excited, calm him down – and if he barks because he’s bored, it’s a sign that he needs more physical action. You want to make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise as well as social time with other dogs.

Never reward barking with activities that your dog likes – such as by taking your dog for a walk or giving him a treat. He’ll learn that if he’s not quiet, he gets a walk or a treat and you don’t want him to train you!

When you return home after being gone, your dog will often bark in short bursts because he’s glad you’re home. That’s simply his way of telling you that. He needs to be patted and reassured and he should stop barking once he’s finished greeting you.

How to Stop Dog Barking

If your dog is barking incessantly then you can use a simple que to remind them of the unwanted barking. Gently close his mouth and say “Quiet” or choose another command that you repeatedly use to remind him to stop barking. Using a one word command is easier for your dog to understand. And be consistent by using the same word each time.

If, when you move your hand away from your dog’s muzzle, and he begins to bark again. You can get your dog used to the quiet command by rewarding him when he does obey the command. This can be a verbal ‘Good boy’ or a treat.

Another way to help with excessive barking is to use anti-barking collars. These no bark noise collars are meant for short term use only. If they are used incorrectly or in excess these stop barking devices can be harmful to a dog.

Why Dogs Bark and Dog Training

The most effective way to help a dog to stop excessive barking is by using positive reinforcement training. There are lots of courses  that will help identify why dogs bark and how to stop your dogs excessive barking. Training is a great way to bond with your dog while at the same time teaching him new tricks using positive training.


Dogs bark for a reason. And it is important to understand why they are barking. Once you know, you can help to stop unwanted barking while understanding what your dog is trying to say.

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