Best Puzzle Toys for Bored Dogs

AWOOF Snuffle Mat for Dogs, Dog Nosework Feeding Mat, Pet Interactive Dog Puzzle Toys Encourages Natural Foraging Skills for Training and Stress Relief

Stimulate your dog with the best puzzle toys for bored dogs! Just like humans dogs require physical and mental stimulation. Fun puzzles will not only keep your pup mentally active, but they are a great way to bond with your dog. To help choose the right one for your dog below is 10 of the best canine puzzle toys!

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Below is the TRIXIE Dog Level 2 Puzzle for Beginners



Above is a fun interactive toy for dogs. It’s has a bright color that is attractive to dogs and made with string non toxic material for aggressive chewers. Keep your pup busy with this dog toy puzzle. You simple hide kibble or treats that he must discover during play.

Puzzle dog toys will not only keep your bestie happy but will mentally stimulate your dog. It is easy to grasp for chewing and playing while discovering treats. And it is suitable for senior dogs, puppies and all stages between.

A fun puzzle brick dog toy which is great for exercising your dog’s mind. It has three different treat-feeding features, which use open-close flip compartments and removable bone puzzle pieces. Each game is designed with your dog’s natural behaviors, senses, and safety in mind. Watch him use his paws and nose while solving the puzzle. Just 15 minutes of interaction will keep your dog stimulated while staving off boredom.
This is one of the best selling puzzle toys for dog boredom and is ideal for dogs who want a challenge. Once they solve the puzzle you can level up with specially designed puzzles by dog behaviorist Nina Ottosson.

Reduce Stress and Excess Energy with Lick Mats for Bored Dogs

Licks mat are not so much of a puzzle but it will certainly engage your dog while licking his favorite treat off the mat. Dog small and lick to find their way around their world. It’s a natural instinctive behavior. Spread wet food, dog friendly peanut butter or their favorite treat and watching him enjoy while helping to take excess energy and stress away!

Outward Hound’s Dog Casino dispenses treats in sequential steps for more challenging play. There are six pull-out compartments, along with six moving pieces. Nope, it’s not easy, but it’s perfect for the right dog. Skip the dishwasher for this one, and hand-wash instead. And remember: No matter how entertained your dog is, there is a limit to how long you should leave them alone.
IQ treat ball. This treat ball is another food-dispensing dog toy—but one that keeps your dog physically active in addition to mentally stimulated.

The challenge: Learn to roll the ball properly in order to get the treats to fall out. If your canine is carrying some extra weight, this might be a great option for burning calories. It comes in two sizes: three inches for smaller dogs and four inches for larger dogs.

Snuffle Mat Stimulating Puzzle for Puppies and Dogs 

Puzzle Toys for Bored Dogs

Neecong Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs. This fun interactive game for dogs is ideal to keep puppies and dogs busy. Hide treats for your dog in the snuffle mat so your dog can entertain himself by foraging for treats.

Learn more about snuffle mats for dogs here!

Snuffle mats are easier than many of the canine puzzles. If you have a new puppy or adult dog who wants to play games this type of puzzle will keep them happy and occupied. Amd these shuffle mats encourages their natural foraging habits and sniffing skills. In addition such puzzle toys can help to ease dog stress and anxiety too!

This fun dog toys acts as a puzzle for bored dogs. When a dog plays the bob a lot toy dispenses treats and kibble. Ideal for puppies who like to chew. Bob a lot can hold a full meal. It’s weighted bottom make the toy wobble making it one of the best puzzle toys for bored dogs. It is available in 2 sizes for small, medium and large dogs designed to keep them happy for hours.

Tough Chew Pineapple Treat Toy

One of my dogs favorite toys of all. This toys is designed for tough chewers and it has all the features a dog enjoys. It is made with soft natural rubber so its easy to paw, chew and it dispenses treat. In addition the pineapple treat toy raised textured well clean your dog’s teeth ,stimulate gums and reduce tartar.

One of the cutest puzzle toys for bored dogs is this adorable interactive hide and seek squirrel by Outward Hound. The puzzle allows your dog to sniff, hunt, and play fetch. The squirrels have hidden squeakers, which will keep your bored dog busy and happy for hours.

Why are Puzzle Toys Good for Dogs?

If your out all day you may not notice the time slip by. But for a dog who’s been sleeping and waiting all day the chances he is ready to play. And while exercise is essential for your dog, its equally as important to keeping them mentally stimulated.

This way they are less likely to find their own entertainment by doing things like chewing your shoes, scratching at the drywall, and whatever else looks interesting. That’s where puzzle toys come in.

What are Dog Puzzles?

Dog puzzles are what they sound like. They are toys that your dog has to figure out in order to get a reward. Which is usually a treat. There are lots of types of puzzles like the soft plush ones, treat puzzles for beginners, and toys that go all the way up to complex dog stimulation.

When picking a dog puzzle it’s important that it is fun, and a game that provides your dog with wins.

Both the breed and age of your pup will play a role in determining what’s best, and it may take a little trial and error. (And don’t simply go for the brightest puzzle toy, since dogs don’t see colors the same way we do.)

What Breed of Dogs Are Puzzles Best For?

Not all dogs will show the same interest in puzzles. Some dogs prefer to stuffy dogs, tasty chews or prefer to play with their human. While other breeds will get bored without mental stimulation. For example herding breeds ‘aka’ working breeds, like Border Collies and Australian Shepherds need to exercise their mind as much as their body.

Concluding Best Puzzle Toys for Bored Dogs

With this said almost every dog will benefit with a puzzle. Start your dog off with a simple puzzle, and as they progress you can increase the puzzle level to stave off boredom. Playing with a puzzle is an ideal way to bond with your dog while giving the challenge they need.

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