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Best Foraging Snuffle Mat for Dogs

By nature dogs love to forage, and at home or in they may entertain themselves by digging and sniffing. To help them ease anxiety and stave boredom, today, we talk about the best foraging mats for dogs.

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If a dog gets bored, they can easily become destructive. n addition they may develop behavioral issues such as anxiety. Luckily, there are toys and other types of  gear you can get for your dog to keep them stay entertained and happy.

One of these products is a dog foraging mat also know as a snuffle mat. These fun toys have lots of benefits for canines. If you haven’t heard about snuffle mats before, here is what you should know about them and the effects they have on dogs.

What is a Snuffle Mat

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snuffle mat is basically a food and treat-dispensing puzzle toy. It mimics grass and other surfaces that will make your dog work to find treats or food. Snuffle mats have different strands that can hide treats or kibble, so your dog will have to snoop and invest a little effort in getting them. The primary idea behind a snuffle mat is to keep your dog entertained for hours, or at least as long as they have to stay home alone.>

Why should you get a Dog Foraging mat?

There are many reasons you should get your dog a snuffle mat, especially if they have trouble staying home alone. Some dogs might even suffer from separation anxiety, which prevents them from feeling relaxed and confident while their owners are away.

Anxiety disorders, like , can be managed and “trained out” of the dog, but it will involve a lot of training. Dog owners dealing with their dog’s anxiety disorders will need all the help they can get, so a snuffle mat might be a convenient tool.

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Benefits of Snuffle Mats

Like with any other product you get for your dog, it has to provide some benefits. Otherwise, the product is useless. Even basic dog toys offer benefits in the forms of playtime and hours of fun. Luckily, snuffle mats offer plenty of benefits to dogs and dog owners. Some of the best benefits snuffle mats offer are:

Provides Mental Stimulation

Dogs love being busy, especially if it is a working breed, or one that is intelligent such as Australian sheep dog, terriers, German Shepherds, and any dog that enjoys interaction.


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Gives You Moments of Peace

Taking care of a dog is very rewarding, but it can be very tiring and overwhelming at times. Dog owners might want a break from time to time, even if it is just for a couple of minutes. Snuffle mats will intrigue your dog and make sure you have a couple of minutes for yourself.

Ease Stress and Anxiety reduction

Mental stimulation is vital for your dog’s mental health. After using the snuffle mat, dogs generally feel less stressed or anxious. Their minds are occupied by the task of finding treats or kibble between the straps, so they have less time to focus on their stress and anxiety. Plus, dogs have a natural reaction to sniffing – it lovers their pulse and relaxes them.

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Helps With Slow Eating

Some dogs eat too fast; it seems as they inhale their food. When they eat too fast, they can get an upset stomach and might suffer some unwanted consequences. Plus, the risk of bloat is more significant if they are fast eaters. Snuffle mats will make your dog work for their food, which will greatly slow down their feeding.

Another great way to slow down your fast-eating dog is slow-feeding dog bowls. Check out this article for more information

Now that you know what benefits you and your dog can get from a snuffle mat, here are our suggestions for the best dog snuffle mats.

There is a good reason more than 10.000 satisfied customers recommend the AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat; it is useful, and dogs have hours and hours of fun with it. It can even shrink to travel size. This snuffle mat can be used as a toy or as a dog bowl for slowing down your fast-eating dog. The strands are green, and the goal is to mimic the grass dogs love to snoop around. This is our top pick for dog snuffle mats.

AWOOF Snuffle Mat for larger dogs

When it comes to dog snuffle mats, AWOOF seems to know what they are doing. If you have a larger dog that needs stress relief or additional mental stimulation, get them an AWOOF Snuffle Mat for larger dogs. This interactive snuffle mat will give your dog all they need – mental stimulation, puzzle toy with different levels, and it is big enough so larger dogs won’t just flip it over.

Stellaire Chern Snuffle Mat

The Stellaire Chern Snuffle Mat includes a non-slip bottom that should keep this mat in place for hours of fun. It is made of polar fleece and upcycled material, making this snuffle mat machine washable and relatively easy to maintain. This mat is soft enough not to cause friction burns on your dog’s nose and face. This is an foraging mat for dogs.

What to Consider When Buying a Foraging Mat Dogs

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Interactive and Fun

Look at the interactive components for your dog. Though you want the foraging mat to be a challenge you also want your dog to win at their game. If it not interesting enough or too tough your dog will quickly get bored. In addition make sure there are lots of places to hide treats and get ones with grassy like fabric for fun.

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Quality Material

OPt for a foraging mat that is made with good quality materials such as thick and non toxic oxford cloth and nonpolar fleece. In addition look for durable and odorless fabric. This will ensure it will not make your dog uncomfortable, and that will not be tear easily then cause the risk of suffocation.

Washable and Non Slip

There are many types of foraging mats for dogs. If you have a floor mat design you can help to stop them slipping by picking ne with non slip bottom. And if your dog likes to lift the mat there are mats available with clips or buckles to tie it to the furniture while your dog is sniffing, foraging and playing. 

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In addition to the above its best to opt for washable material since you’ll stuff the foraging mat with treats for your pup. Washable fabric will help keep your forage mat clean, washing away doggy slobbers, bits of kibble and mucky paw marks keeping your home clean and fresh!

Concluding the Best Foraging Mats for Dogs

A wonderful snuffle mat will a stimulate dogs’ powerful sense of smell, and they are built to stimulate a dog’s natural foraging instincts by mimicking the hunt for food in grass and fields. Keep your dog busy, interactive and happy with one of the best foraging mats for dogs. In addition to providing entertainment it is a must have for your puppy to keep them your busy, while bonding and spending quality time learning.