19 Best Dog Water Fountains Starting Under $25

Food, water and shelter – these are the most basic needs of any dog. But dogs are not the tidiest water drinkers and often get to pollute their drinking water. To keep them healthy, you routinely need to change the water in their drinking bowl starting under twenty five bucks.

We put together a huge list of the best dog water fountains starting from $25 like the one above.  Read on and see the automated water fountain bowls for small to large dogs with a variety of features and looks.

Though, these are busy times, and you can’t afford to stop this ritual if you love your furry buddy. Need an easier way to keep your dog’s water fresh? A dog water fountain is your answer! Add it to your list of the items to get your dog.

What is a dog water fountain?

Don’t sweat it. Dog water fountains are not different from the usual fountains that you know. But of course, these are miniature sizes.

The mode of operation is to circulate water through the apparatus using electric pumps and sending it in the air through a sieved outlet. What you have at the end is freshwater bubbling in the air. You would agree that there is no better way to catch your dog’s attention for a drink.

Is a Watering Fountain Better Than a Dog Bowl?

Are you still thinking of keeping the drinking bowl? Well, here are few reasons to ditch them and get your water fountain now.

  • Water fountains are more hygienic than watering troughs
  • They are the perfect apparatus to lure your dog into staying hydrated every time
  • You don’t have to change water as frequently as a drinking bowl demands
  • Get rid of the messy old bowl and get your dog something modern

How to choose the best dog water fountains for canine’s and cats

Before you pull out your wallet to get a bubbler, there are a few things you should consider.

1. Material Type:

These water dispensers come in different material types, each with its pros and cons.

  • Plastic: Most will be BPA free, and that’s good for your dogs. As expected, the price will be much friendly than its counterparts. A downside to it is the colour fading if exposed to sunlight over time.
  • Stainless steel: Always a choice material for utensils. Durable and hassle-free cleaning is what you’ll get. Just be prepared to spend a little more.
  • Ceramic: It is incredibly durable and often luxurious to behold so long as you don’t mind the weight. Then, you must have safe hands because it is fragile.

2. Holding Capacity:

There are various sizes from which to make a selection. In choosing, consider the size of your dogs. It follows that the larger your dogs are, the more water they’ll require.

Also, If you have several canine friends, you can opt for a higher capacity to accommodate them.

3. Filter type:

One of the essences of buying a water fountain is ensuring that the water is clean. Ensure the filter type is reusable and easy to clean also. A carbon activated material is preferable in this sense.

4. Noise Level:

You don’t want the sound of an actual fountain in your room. Some are super quiet, while others can keep your ears busy. So, check the label to ascertain its noise level in decibels (dB). If you don’t find the info there, then check some reviews about it.

5. Visual Appeal:

It would often be in your living space, so what it looks like matters. Go for one that won’t stick out like a sore thumb in your house decor.

6. Accessories:

You don’t have to spend some extra bucks buying cleaning tool kits and the like when you can have them for free. Some models have accompanying kits, saving some hard-earned money.

7. Budget:

Oh yes! You love your dog, and that we know. But sometimes, price doesn’t always equate to quality. Check for quality products that do the job without leaving much of a hole in your wallet.

Now that you have the guide, we’ll go one step further to bring you some of the best dog water fountains available. You are sure to find the perfect one from our eighteen selections. Read on!

The 19 Best Dog Water Fountains

 Super Quiet NPET WF050 Water Fountain Small, Medium Dogs and Cats

To begin our countdown, it would be good to dazzle you with something special. So, here is the NPET WF050 Water Fountain.

The design is nothing short of genius. This transparent bubbler of 51oz capacity would blend into the decor of any place of your choice. The see-through material also makes monitoring the water level as easy as a glance.

Let your dogs watch the bubbles as oxygen is infused into the water by the silent-working submerged pump. The water passes through a three-layered activated charcoal filter, leaving no doubt about the cleanness of your dog’s drink.

You should also expect a durable vessel owing to the use of high-grade BPA free plastic for construction. Taking it apart is also a matter of seconds as the locks are easy to release. The stumbling block to this trough is its small capacity.

We like it for its simplicity and readily available accessories.


  • The transparent design is elegant
  • It’s a good attraction for dogs to take a drink
  • It comes with a cleaning kit, so you don’t have to buy one
  • An ill dog doesn’t have to bend much before drinking


Small-sized pets would have to climb to have a sip

Best Selling Dog Water Fountains by PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Drinking Fountain

For Small and Medium Dogs and Cats <<

Drinking healthy for dogs is the business, and it is up to the task. Using a replaceable carbon filter, you have the assurance that your furry friend is taking odourless and tasteless water. Also admirable is its integrated reservoir tank that holds 168 oz of aqua. So, either you own a couple of dogs or one big Fido, you won’t have to worry about refilling frequently.

You’ll also like the moderate size of the bubbler. Either your dog is all grown or maybe just a puppy; it can always drink from it. The rubber feet ensure it is firm on the ground while your dog is taking a drink.

What grabs your dog’s attention? A wild or gentle flow? Not to worry, you can adjust the fountain to what suits your canine friend. Meanwhile, you’ll find cleaning it to be hassle-free. Just take the parts apart and assemble them with ease when you’re through.

The major drawback of this fountain is that you must strategically locate it due to its shape. Also, note that it doesn’t come with accessories.


  • Anti-slip feet to prevent shifting under a slight push
  • Built-in water reservoir for more drink and less refill
  • It takes only a small floor area


  • Wired electric source hindering mobility

Elevated Dog Drinking Fountain Veken VK475X1 Pet Water Fountain for Small Dogs

Elevated water fountain drinking bowl for small dogs and cats <<

There is nothing to hinder your dog from a nice drink with the Veken VK475X1 Pet Fountain. The bubbler has a double-deck allowing water to flow from the top to the base. Your canine can have a drink at their convenient height.

A wide drinking area allows your furry friends to drink water without having to contend for some space. Moreover, you’ll find its 100oz capacity perfect for your medium-sized dogs.

Thankfully, you can monitor the quantity of water left through the transparent part, which can go colourful should you choose to turn on the LED light. That’s another feature that will get Fido’s attention.

As far as healthy drinking goes, it has durable BPA-free plastic construction. You’ll also find that the triple filtration system of the fountain leaves nothing to chance. Each comprises activated carbon, ion exchange resin and non-woven tissue.

Another invaluable feature is the filter sponge around the pump that prevents impurities from getting into the motor.

Lastly, you can have it even in the bedroom, and it won’t disturb your nap. You have the quiet activity of the energy-saving pump to thank.


  • Wide area to drink to avoid competition among pets
  • Transparent window to monitor the water level
  • BPA free plastic and triple filter system for healthy drinking
  • Quiet functioning pump so no one gets disturbed


  • Not suitable for large dogs

CLEEBOURG Electric 2L Water Fountains for Dogs, Cats and Pets with 3 Flow Settings 

Best Dog Water Fountains for Small Dog and Cats

If you’ve got a Poodle or other small-sized dogs, your mind should race to the Cleebourg water fountain. At 68oz, there’s just enough to keep your little furry friend hydrated for a considerable period.

In operation, the 1.5W pump is super silent, mustering only 38dB when working. It’s safe to say that you will hear the sound only if you’re intentional about it. The fabrication materials are pet-friendly. PP gum and BPA free materials make up a lot of it.

It would last for a long time. Here is why you can be sure. It has a monitoring window with a blue LED light that turns red when the water level is low. If you are absorbed with work and do not notice this, the engine turns off to protect itself from dry burning.

Also worthy of mention is its three-speed setting for the fountain. You can choose from its slow, medium and high-speed modes as it pleases your canine. Then, A USB port allows you to plug it to most devices to keep it working, improving mobility.


  • Low water indicator so you know when to refill
  • Auto-shutdown function to prolong pump life
  • USB charging option for mobility


  • Forget about large-sized dogs using it

PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Multi-Pet Water Fountain Customizable Automatic Water Dispenser 


Best Water Fountain for Multiple Pets Cats and Dogs <<

An excellent way to teach your dogs how to share is by buying the PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Multi-Pet Water Fountain. At any direction, water is available for your canine buddies to drink.

Further bolstering this is the presence of five fountain outlets and a 128 oz capacity. Your canines won’t wander far from the watering point. More fascinating is that you can regulate the strength of the water flow using its control cap.

It also has incredible stamina owing to its rubber footings. The apparatus is indeed one for your dog party. Both big and small-sized dogs are welcome to drink.

Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about the water getting polluted. Its efficient filter system utilizes carbon filters to keep impurities and odour at bay.

However, know for sure that your large dogs may not find it comfortable to drink from this fountain. Although, that shouldn’t be a problem. Check out some of the bubblers for big dogs on our list.


  • Near silent operation
  • Allows multiple dogs to drink at once
  • Easy to clean BPA free material
  • The exquisite design looks good anywhere


  • Large dogs cannot access all five outlets at the same time.

Best Big Dog Water Fountians – Pioneer Pet Big Max Drinking Fountain

Stainless Steel Large Dog Drinking Bowl Water Fountain on Amazon <<

If you’re after a water bubbler dog fountain that will last for many years, this should be your pick. You can trust its stainless steel construction to outlast most of its rivals. The Big Max Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain is easy to use and is dishwasher safe.

The charcoal filter is strategically placed so water is filtered before going through the pump, providing clean and pure, healthy water. Durable stainless steel with an extra-large drinking area accommodates any size pet. Its 128 oz capacity reduces the number of daily refills.

Stainless steel is also a healthy choice as it doesn’t support bacteria growth or react with content. Besides, the replaceable charcoal filter promises never to let anything unhealthy get through.

The design is simple, looking just like another drinking bowl that your furry friend knows too well. The bubbling will be more than an attraction but a call to drink.

A broad drinking area makes it a good fit for dogs of all sizes. 128 oz of water is available to keep the canines refreshed and you out of worries.


  • The durability is unquestionable
  • The stainless steel is dishwasher safe, making for easy cleaning
  • Large drinking area
  • Colour bends with most settings


  • Pricey as expected

Best Water Fountains for Small Dogs Veken VKO72 Tiny Dogs, Small Dogs and Cats

Easy to Use Water Fountain Drink Bowl for Small Dogs, Cats and Multiple Pets

Finally, here is one that takes care of the splashes. The Veken VKO72 Water Fountain comes with a silicone mat to absorb the splashes from the leaks.

You’ll love the unique design with a bright colour dispenser to make any dog curious. Flower waterfall, flower bubble and gentle flow modes are up for selection to captivate your pets. After all, variety is the spice of life.

BPA free plastics coupled with its triple replacement carbon filters are enough assurance that your furry friends are drinking clean water. At 850z, both small and medium-sized dogs will find the water fountain satisfying.

The pump is also durable and can last as long as four years of frequent usage. Letting out only 40dB of sound, everyone, including your dogs, can sleep undisturbed.


  • Silicone pad arrests water splashes
  • Quiet operation so you can locate it anywhere indoors
  • Efficient filter system to ensure healthy drinking
  • It doesn’t take time to clean and assemble


  • Only puppies and small dogs can use it

Large Dog Water Fountains for Big Canine PetSafe Drinkwell ZWW00-16558

Automated Drinking  Water Bowl for Big Dogs

The brand name itself is compelling enough to buy, as it has inspired confidence in pet owners for decades. But the features of the PetSafe Drinkwell ZWW00-16558 Water Fountain speaks for themselves.

Accessible from any side, the water fountain can serve more than one canine at a time. And when you have a 100oz bubbler, it is needless to worry about it finishing quickly.

Dogs don’t drink neatly, so it has a ramp to keep splashes from the lapping dogs within the apparatus. How thoughtful right?

As the pump pulls the water in for recycling, the carbon filter removes the bad taste and odour from the drink. Hair and other impurities are taken care of by the foam filter.

How you want the water flow is up to your discretion. You can adjust it to whatever intensity you want or turn it off. Thankfully, it doesn’t have unreachable crevices to complicate cleaning.


  • Parts are easy to find should they need replacement
  • Excellent for all dog sizes
  • BPA free plastic leaves your mind assured of healthy drinking
  • Adjustable flow till it catches your dog’s attention
  • Operation is quiet


  • Cost seems to be on the high side for its material type

Electric Dog Water Fountain Automatic Drinking Bowl with LED Light / Filter

Automatic Electric Dog Water Fountain Drinking Bowl

The Uniclife Pet Water Fountain is one we can’t afford to leave out from the list. At 61 oz, you can rest assured that your furball will have enough to last it for the day.

You’ll live the exquisite design. It comes with lighting to illuminate the container when it is night. Your four-legged furry friend can easily make its way to it in the dark.

As for the pump, 35dB is all the sound it makes, so it doesn’t deter you and your pets from sleeping. Its power efficiency is also priceless on your bills.

Adjust the fountain turbulence to whatsoever catches your dog’s attention. It will love the aqua fall enough to frequent it for a drink.

Your pets would get some hygienic water, thanks to the removable charcoal filter that detoxifies germs. The BPA free plastic would pose no threat to your dogs when they drink from it. To ensure it lasts long, a foam filter screens any specks of dirt and hair from entering and spoiling the pump.


  • Compact and luxurious appearance
  • Blue LED lighting beckons for a drink at night
  • The charcoal filter detoxifies the water and aerates it
  • You can adjust the flow intensity


  • Replacing the filter can be some job to do

Automated Petmate Deluxe Water Fountain for Dogs and Cats

Fresh Flow Automated Dog Water Fountain for Cat and Dogs

Do you want your Fido to drink some more water? Dogs are drawn to water and dog water fountains can be all you need to make it happen. The design is simply astonishing. A removable reservoir holds 108oz of crystal clear water, which it releases gradually as your furball drinks.

A water slide helps to convey the aqua from the tank to the drinking area. In doing that, you won’t have to bear with the water trickling sound associated with dog water fountains. The replaceable charcoal filter ensures that nothing short of hygienic water is accessible to your pet.

Meanwhile, you’ll fancy the hush sound of the submerged motor as it infuse oxygen into the water. The resulting fluid would be an elixir of life.


  • The black colour is welcome on any decor
  • The water slide is an applaudable innovation
  • Its food-grade plastic eliminates the fear of contamination
  • There is a wide drinking area for dogs to share


  • The cost of changing filters will be tangible over time.

ZEUS Fresh & Clear Elevated Dog Water Fountains 

Zeus Elevated Water Fountain for Cats and Dogs

The ZEUS Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain sends a clear message of ‘welcome to the party.’ The 200oz capacity tells you there’s enough to go round for days, even if you have a collection of dogs.

Large and medium dogs would fancy this bubbler as they won’t have to bend the knee to take a drink. That’s some good news for the older ones with arthritis and other physical challenges.

Presenting a wide surface area, it gets aerated from the atmosphere. That is in addition to the action of the multistage filter system. Thankfully, you don’t need to leave a hole in your wallet to purchase one.


  • Large capacity suitable for several dogs
  • The wide surface means no waiting for one another
  • Good aeration for a healthier drink


  • Hard to monitor content due to its opacity

PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Steel Zen Water Fountain for Cats and Dogs 

Stainless Steel Dog Water Fountain

The countdown continues, and it is Petsafe again dazzling us with the PetSafe Drinkwell Zen Water Fountain. Why choose this? Take a look.

Its stainless steel build doesn’t support microbial action. Along with its wide surface area and methodical carbon filter system, healthy drinking can’t come better.

The operation is quiet thanks to the low-voltage pump and a ramp that eliminates the accompanying splish-splash sound of fountains.

Don’t worry about a power outage. The bowl holds a sufficient quantity of water for your dog to drink till you fix the problem.

Hassle-free cleaning is what you’ll get as you can detach the pump and the rest goes into a dishwasher.


  • Sure to last for long due to its stainless steel construction
  • Dogs won’t a hard time familiarizing themselves with it
  • Efficient Triple-layer carbon activated filter system


  • Too low for large dogs with muscle challenges

ORSDA D60 Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser, Ultra-Quiet Automatic Cat Drinking 

>> Ultra-Quiet Automatic Dog and Cat Drinking Fountains with 6 Carbon Filters & 1 Silicone Mat for Cats, Small and Medium Dogs <<

We can’t afford to leave out the toy dogs from our consideration. So, here is the 100 oz ORSDA D60 water fountain. The superior 304 stainless steel build assures you of a neat appearance all the time. There’ll be no scratches due to pawing from your little furry friends.

Meanwhile, a locking lid design gives it a leak-proof advantage. The water flow has two different modes. You decide which fascinates your dog. You’ll also find it super quiet not just because of the engine’s efficiency but also the ramp that receives the bubbled water.

Again, you’re in luck as the bubbler comes with six extra filters at no added cost! That’s not all. Other accessories include three washing brushes and a silicone mat to absorb fallouts.

However, if your furry buddies are large, you’ll need a much larger appliance.


  • Locking lid prevents leaks
  • The presence of accessories is so generous
  • Premium stainless steel gives it unrivalled durability
  • Dry burn protection to give the engine a chance of longevity
  • Good value for money


  • You’ll need another for your large dogs


iPettie Kamino Pet Water Fountain Ultra-Quiet Automatic USB Pump for Cats and Dogs


Best Indoor Dog Water Fountain – Attractive Drinking Fountain for Cats and Dogs

You’ll fall in love with this water fountain even before your dogs do. Talking of charms and functionality, it ticks both.

First, blue Led light caps the already exquisite design, making it a night sensation. Just watch the whole bulk glow! Another home decor for you.

Another feature that would make your pets love to drink is the puddle-like simulation and quantity available each time. It looks like the ground’s spilling it for them to sip.

Accessible from any angle, your pets can drink from the 101oz capacity apparatus. The curving at the top takes care of the rough lapping of Bingo. No spills, please!

A see-through on the BPA-free plastic lets you know when you need to refill. If you aren’t paying attention, it shuts down to protect itself. The presence of a USB port means you have several options of where to use it.  Our major challenge with this device is the need to change its filter regularly.


  • Auto-shutdown protection should you forget to refill
  • The coconut shell activated carbon filter is super efficient
  • Who won’t love the colourful lighting? It’s great!
  • USB charging port for mobile use
  • Super-quiet operation


  • Set aside some extra bucks to change the filter regularly

PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Best Drinking Fountains for Small and Medium Dogs and Cats

best dog water fountains

Get the Small to Medium Dog Water Pagoda on Amazon Either in White or Blue <<

Let’s say PetSafe knows how to churn out some great products for your pet. Here is one of them, the PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda drinking fountain. Now, what’s so special?

Ceramic vessel with two tiers gives your senior dogs a convenient drinking source. Your puppies and the likes can use the bottom.

Moreover, it has two waterfalls giving twice the excitement to your already curious dogs. The open bowl design rules out the need to worry should power go out. It also offers a broad drinking area for your four-legged friends. 70 oz is ample for your small dogs to drink for days without the need to refill.

The apparatus promises hygienic water with the presence of carbon, eradicating odour and contaminations. Furs and other materials won’t burn out the pump as foam filter encircles it to make sure.

Enjoy the advantage of ceramic with this fountain. Its luxurious appearance won’t wear off from scratches, and cleaning is a cinch.

The brittleness of ceramic, asides from the characteristic weight is one of its drawbacks. You’ll also need an earmuff if you’ll be reading with it in the room.


  • Hard-wearing material
  • Pagoda design is always a pleasure to the eyes
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Pump richly aerates the water for a healthy drink


  • Substantially noisy
  • It is quite a bulk to convey

Piepea – Best Interactive Sprinkler Outdoor Water Drinking Fountain for Dog 










Most dogs spend much of their time outside, so they need a drink there too. For that, you should consider the Piepea Brass Valve Outdoor water fountain.

How about an unlimited source for your dogs. Simply connect the pipe to a main, and you’re good to go.

Your dog will have much fun controlling the water spray as it opens its mouth to lap some freshwater. If you’re keeping toy dogs, they may not have much weight to apply pressure on the pedal. Not to worry, you can find those suitable for them on this list.

A caution you should take is adjusting the height of the flow using the lever at the back. Failure to do so can subject your dog to an uncomfortable spray or drinking too much water at once.


  • Durable brass material withstands heavy dogs’ weight
  • Dogs will find it as a sporting device
  • Unlimited water source so you don’t need a refill
  • Requires minimum maintenance


  • Hard to train dogs may not get it
  • Small dogs won’t find it useful

Stainless Steel Water Fountain for Dogs and Cats PetSafe Drinkwell (PWW00-13705)

Best Selling Water Fountain – Fresh Drinks for Pets

We know how pertinent your mutt is to you, so here is another premium fountain for you from Petsafe.

The fountain is sleek and leaves you little to desire design-wise. Water from the multiple outlets falls on a stylish ramp muffling any sound. An easy to control knob allows you to regulate the intensity of flow.

Your doggy’s hygiene is not compromised with the bacteria preventing high-grade stainless steel construction. Carbon filters ensure your canines don’t partake of any odourless and foul-tasting water.

If you need to replace the pump or filter, you won’t sweat it because it works with most Petsafe filters available. Although it is pricey, it is durable and won’t leave you wanting another for a long time.


  • Durable and high-grade stainless steel construction
  • Silent operation for serenity
  • The sophisticated design allows it to blend in any decor
  • Comes in the 3 sizes, 1/2, 1 gallon or 2 gallons


  • Could rust with time

Best Large Dog Water Fountain PetSafe Drinkwell ‎ZWW00-16558 Water Fountain Adjustable (3 Size)

Water Fountain for Big Dogs

To round up the list here is one fountain if you have large dogs or a couple. The PetSafe Drinkwell ‎ZWW00-16558 Water Fountain has a massive 256 oz to quench the thirst of your husky dogs. This dog fountain comes in 3 sizes for small medium and large dogs.

The design is thoughtful as it prevents spills from lapping in the trough. Also, the non-slip footing provides it with incredible stamina. A ramp at the landing mutes the sound f the fountain. Another way to make it quiet is regulating the flow by using the knob.

Because most Petsafe brands use similar parts, you won’t search long if you have to replace any.


  • Petsafe is a global brand that you can trust
  • The parts are readily available
  • Pet-friendly Works


  • It doesn’t come with cleaning accessories

FAQS About Water Fountains for Dogs

Search for Best Dog Water Fountains on Amazon <<

Cheapest Best Dog Water Fountain – Watering Bowl for $24.95  Top Rated and Great Quality

How much is a dog water fountain? You can get a good quality automated water fountain rom around $30 and up.

Do I need to replace the water in my fountain?

You don’t have to replace the water in the fountain. That’s the essence of having one. The filter will purify it before it reaches the drinking area. Besides, the continuous recycling of water keeps it fresh.

How often should I maintain my pump?

You can check out this video to see the step by step method of doing so. There are different pump models. But most of them require the same procedure for maintenance.

Do all water fountains come with cleaning accessories?

No, it’s not every model that comes with cleaning accessories. You’ll have to order them separately. You can take advantage of some of our models on the list that comes with kits at no extra cost.

Are water fountains safe for my dogs?

Yes, bubblers are generally safe for furballs. Although, some outdoor models connected to mains will require you to adjust the water height to ensure your dog does have too much of a drink.

Bottom Line of the Best Dog Water Fountains

By now, you should be making up your mind on which model is best for your Bingo. You have the pros and cons of each, so consider the one which works best for you.

As a final piece of advice, no capacity is too small. Only think of the kind and number of furry canines you have. That should give you a fair idea of the one to draw out the paycheck.