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If you wondering if beagles are good family dogs we got you covered. Today we talk about the loveable beagle, some of their traits and why consider adopting a beagle to love. Beagles are happy-go-lucky dogs that will surely brighten up your day with their outgoing and playful personality. You wouldn’t be able to resist their brown or hazel eyes gazing at you with a pleading expression. They are modern dog breeds, and some of you might be considering having one in your homes. There are points to consider when adopting a dog, especially when you have kids.

Below is 10 Beagle Facts to Answer Your Questions

Are Beagles Good Family Dogs

Beagle is a perfect dog for families who love to play with their pets and shower them with attention. Beagles will add color to your house and make you happy with their gentle and playful personality. They love to bond and spend time with the family when they are not exploring the whole place like an energetic dog.

They especially love to play with children. They are energetic and can immediately ride with your child’s drive to play. But, like any other dog breed, they need to be trained and exposed to early socialization. It will be excellent training for beagles if they are exposed to different people, sounds, and environments to help them grow into well-rounded dogs.

When playing, beagles can be unrestrained. They may snatch toys or food from your child’s hand, but you can fix it with training. Be sure to teach your child how to properly touch and interact with dogs and be careful not to disturb them when eating or sleeping. Though Beagles are family friendly, it is wise not to leave any child unsupervised with a dog.

Beagles Are Part of a Pack

Like most breeds beagles enjoy being part of the pack. Beagles by nature indeed love to be around friends, be it people, fellow canines, or even cats! Yes, you heard that right. Beagles are very friendly even with cats, a dog’s known enemy; in fact, they can be best friends!

Beagles are natural pack dogs because of their heritage. They are highly social and thrive through the feeling of having company. They get along well with everyone and treat everyone as their precious friend. But, this pack mentality can cause a drawback. Because they are better at having a companion, they most likely will not take it kindly if they are left alone to play with themselves. If they are left alone for a long time, they may display anxious behaviors such as destroying furniture to get out of the house. Having a fellow fur friend will help them feel happy.

Beagles Are Low Maintenance

Beagles have a smooth and dense fur coating that is resistant to rain. They shed, but it isn’t too noticeable because their fur is short. It is advisable to brush their hair at least once a week to remove dead loose hair and encourage new hair growth. They are clean dogs, minus the situations when they decide to play in the dirt.

Their flowy ears may look adorable, but it can cause ear infections because it prevents air circulation. They need weekly ear care, and it’s advisable to check their ear for signs of diseases or wax buildup. You can consult with your veterinarian about proper ear care.

Just like us, they also need to have their teeth clean. If possible, it’s better to have it brushed daily to avoid tartar buildup. It will also be good to have their nails trimmed once or twice a month. It will prevent accidental scratches when they are playing, especially with a child. Beagles may be uncomfortable when doing regular grooming and hygiene; make sure to praise them and give them food rewards for behaving well.

Are Beagles Hunting Dogs

This loveable family dog was bred as a hunting dogs. The have excellent scent and use their nose smelling away discoveries of a new path around the house or in the yard. Due to their keen scent you can find them working in airports, security and law enforcement, and working to detect bugs and the like. To keep them active invest in a few fun puzzles for dogs.

Best Homes for Beagles

These friendly dogs are happy to live with their family in a house, apartment or travel with their human. They can live almost anywhere as long as they are active and loved. This is just one reasons that beagles are good family dogs.

Although they prefer to have a big yard or a spacious place to play, a daily trip to the dog park is a great alternative so they can run and play and make new doggo friends.

Do Beagles Bark Lots

It goes without saying almost all dogs bark. It is their nature, how a dog communicates. If there are dogs that could belt out high notes, then it will be the beagles. They are probably one of the most communicative breeds. These working dogs have lots of energy and they are quit vocal when playing at the dog park or communicating with their humans.

And they will most they certainly alert you when a delivery is arriving. These cute beagles would not hesitate to respond to you when you talk to them. And rest assured they will make whimpering noises and whine to get your attention to communicate what they want.

Beagles have three different ways of vocalization. The first is a regular bark or growl, the second is a baying howl, and the third is a half-baying howl. They use the half-bay cry primarily when they catch sight of something interesting. This may tend to because of their somewhat high pitched bark. Be sure that you are patient and willing to train your dog to control its barking.

Beagles Can Be Stubborn and Hard to Train

When it comes to training a beagle you will need to be patient. Beagles are independent canines, and they are likely follow their scent-driven instinct than their trainee. Stick with it and you can have a well behaved Beagle and a loyal friend.

Beagles can be stubborn during training, and people say that it can take a whole year for some beagles to be fully house trained. They are curious and intelligent and can mostly learn any tricks that you teach them. Showing them positive feedback and giving them treats for doing well will undoubtedly do the trick as long as you will be patient with them through the process.

Activity Level of a Beagle

Beagles are friendly dogs who love to play with their family! These energetic canines require plenty of exercise daily  and they enjoy quality time with their humans.

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By nature beagles are working dogs love it when owners practice their scent tracking skills through hunting and even walking across the suburbs. To help keep your beagle active invest in must be a so you can keep them busy with puzzles,training and fun activities.

And without enough exercise, they may get easily bored, suffer anxiety and become obese. Beagles need plenty of walks and because of their active nature it’s best to a secure fence that is high enough to keep your beagle safe and secure. Aside from being hunting dogs, beagles may be a ‘houdini’ escape artist.

Beagles and Food 

Some dogs more that others love to eat. And beagles are on such breed. While this is helpful when training a beagle it is important not to let them over eat.

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Thankfully beagles are active dogs so can walk and play away those extra calories. Monitoring their food intake and feeding them a quality diet will help keep them healthy and help them to have a long and happy life. In addition you can give your beagle doggy supplements enough to provide them from puppy to adult and into their senior life.

Is a Beagle a Good Guard Dog

Since beagles are friendly, loveable, and playful, they make great family dogs but are not meant to be a good guard dog. But, don’t be surprised if they are protective of their family, or if they warn off intruders of with a bark.

And as they are on the smaller breed size you would not want them to get into a tussle with anyone or anything.

Concluding Are Beagles Good Family Dogs

In conclusion, beagles make good family dogs, and they make ideal companions for anyone who enjoys a loving and lively dog. Sadly beagles are commonly used in horrible scientific experiments so if you are looking to rescue a beagle make sure you check out societies that rehome these beautiful dogs.  So as with all animals you want to protect them from harm or potential theft as you would any of your adorable pets.