socialize your rescue pup

How to Socialize Your Rescue Puppy

When you adopt or rescue a dog or puppy you will include them in all parts of y0ur life. You’ll want to be able to take your puppy for walks, car rides and have them meet people and other animals. So today we talk about how to socialize your rescue puppy so you can share your life together!

There are many ways to acclimate your puppy or newly adopted dog to their new surroundings. The first step is patience. It takes time for a dog to adapt to their new environment. So it’s crucial not to push your pup into a situation where he may be uncomfortable. Puppies don’t come into the world knowing all the right things to do, so be patient and have fun while helping him adapt to his new life.

What to Do Before Bringing Your Puppy Home

If you plan on adopting a dog or rescuing a pup,then here are a few ways you can prepare for their arrival. Such as:

  • Puppy proof your home, put all chemicals out of the way, along with wires and toxic plants
  • Buy your puppy supplies, such as pee pads, blankets, a good escape proof harness and some non toxic chew toys
  • Prepare the family – talk to them about the importance of calm and the importance of being on board for training and socialize your puppy
  • Create a safe and quiet space if your puppy needs to have sometime to himself

Once you have the preparation organized the next o the list is how to socialize your when he arrives.

Socializing Your Puppy in The First Few Months

The first few months of the puppy’s life is the best time to introduce him to all the wonders in the world. Though its is an exciting time and everyone wants in on the fun, its best to have a set of rules that everyone is on board with.

As soon as you bring the new pup home, introduce him to the family in a quiet setting. This will give him time to get to look around and check out his new home. This will allow him a safe space without being overwhelmed which can cause undue stress on a new puppy.

Once you make the inside and outdoors safe you can then expose your pup to everyday chores.

As soon as the puppy is vaccinated and the vet says it is alright, you can take the new step on how to socialize your rescue puppy. Start taking him on walks and outings where he can begin to get familiar with his new surroundings.

Carefully introduce him to other dogs in the dog park.Let him gentle sniff and be aware of other dogs behaviour. Part of socializing your dog is keeping him safe as he adjusts to his new environments.

Introduce your puppy to people of every age. And as tempting it is for children want to pet them, you want to supervise and see how your dogs reacts. If a child want to pull or grab it is okay to tell them no and remove the dog. Animals must be treated with care and respect and it our job do so for them .

You want him to have positive experiences so he is comfortable with people whether the are young or elderly.

If he shys away and if you would like him to interact with them as them if they wouldn’t handing a treat to them so they can give it as a confidence building part of their socialization. This will help build trust between the two. They can even get down on the dog’s level and play on the floor with him after a couple of meetings.

Concluding How to Socialize Your Rescue Puppy

Adopting and sharing your life with a pet is a gift. A  dog can enhance your life in so many ways. With this said it is a lifetime commitment and may not be the right time to adopt a pup. But if it is then you’ll have fun as with teaching your dog as you look forward to years of loyal companionship with your canine best friend.