Is It Okay for Dogs to Share Bowls

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If you already have a dog in your home, and, adding another canine bestie you may wonder if multiple dogs sharing bowls is safe. And while it may seem like a good idea, there are some things to consider before making this decision. In general, it’s best for dogs to have separate bowls for their food. Below is a few reasons:

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Here are a few reasons why this is the best situation for those who have more than one dog in their home:

1. Reduces Food Guarding Dogs

Even if a dog plays nice with their canine friend, some dogs can be territorial about their food. This may cause a dog to be aggressive if they share a bowl, and, feel like another dog is trying to take their food.

This behavior is called food guarding. It’s when a dog is protective of their food, and is tries to protect it by growling, snapping, or even biting. With this said if a dog has their own food and water bowls for each dog, it can help to reduce this type of behavior.

Food guarding can lead to some very serious consequences, including injury to your dog or another pet. It’s important that you take the necessary steps to reduce this behavior as soon as it starts.

2. Dogs Sharing Bowls Limits Food Management

It’s best if your dogs eat different food types. Having multiple dog bowls can allow your dogs to eat different food types. You may have one pup who eats kibble, and the other only eats canned or raw foods. This is easy enough if you have two separate dog bowls – but what happens when you don’t?

If you’re serving two different dogs with two different diets in the same bowl, it is hard to ensure that each dog is getting the nutrients they need. This increases the risk for nutritional deficiencies in both dogs, and it’s something you’ll want to avoid if at all possible.

3. Right Size and Type of Dog Bowls

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There are times when dogs require a certain type of bowl. Small breed dogs typically have small kibbles that get lost in a big bowl. While large dogs may require a non-slip bowl or a slow eating bowl that is designed for dogs who gobble their food quickly. So there are time when it simply does not work for dogs to share bowls, as they may have unique requirements.

4. Easy to Sanitize Bowls

Separate bowls help with sanitation, especially is one of your dog’s happens to get sick. This will make it easier to clean their bowl quickly and effectively, which can help manage a dogs health.

This is much harder to do if the bowl is shared with another dog. Having separate bowls, you can avoid spreading germs and sickness between your dogs.

5. Portion Control Is Easier With Separate Dogs Bowls

It’s easier to control portion size with separate bowls. When you’re serving two different types of food in the same bowl, it is hard to judge how much food each dog is actually eating. This is especially important if you have a canine who needs to eat within specific portion guidelines, or needs a diet specific type of food.

If your dogs do share a bowl, it’s best for them to be fed in separate rooms and at different times of the day so that they aren’t tempted by the other dog’s mealtime. Of course, this isn’t the most practical option for every dog owner, but it’s a good practice to get into with your pups if you must use one bowl.

You’ll want to keep an eye on their interactions and behavior when they’re in close proximity of one another after they eat. If you notice any signs of aggression or food guarding, it’s best to separate them for a few hours if possible and consider using two different bowls next time around.

Dogs Sharing Water Bowls

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It’s not uncommon for dogs to share water bowls in dog parks and other outdoor areas. Especially when they are out for a walk or when it’s hot. And though its handy there may be potential health risks, especially if your dog is sick or prone to illness.

If a dog is thirsty the chances are they will share a bowl. But there are lots of reasons to teach a dog to use their own bowls whenever possible.

It is important to clean their water bowl regularly and change the water often. A clean bowl and fresh water will help to reduce bacteria build-up and therefore helping to keep them well.

You may have noticed communal water bowls when you’re out walking your dogs or going to dog parks. These are often large metal tubs that sit on the sidewalk for owners’ pets to drink from.

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