Can Dogs Eat Corn and Tortillas?

can dogs eats corn

If you wonder can dogs eat corn, or corn products like tortillas? In short the answer is yes and no! Human food like tortillas is best avoided. It’s easy to want to treat your dog to human snacks but not all are good, and they certainly are not necessary.

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To better understand we take a look at corn for dogs.

Corn Tortillas for Dogs

The toxicity of any food depends on the food’s health condition, ingredients of the food, and food serving amount. With his said corn is not and ideal food for dogs in fact it can cause health issues for your pup. This ‘filler’ ingredient offers minimal nutritional value, and a corn tortilla is not the best choice for dogs.

Tortillas are not considered safe for puppies because they contain a huge amount of sugar and salt. A tiny amount of the treat occasionally may be tolerated, but overall it is not safe food for your dog.

It is unlikely that if a eaten in moderation corn tortillas will harm a dog. However, ingesting in large amounts might lead to health issues that are avoidable. In addition to digestive issues it is important to note that pet can get allergies or be sensitive to grains.

Side Effects of Dogs Eating Corn Tortilla Chips

When considering the question can dogs eats corn, take a look at the below side effects of the product:

  1. Itching and irritated skin
  2. Swelling of the eyes
  3. Hyperactivity
  4. Stomach upset
  5. Blocked digestive system
  6. Vomiting and diarrhea
  7. Increase sugar level

What Happens if Dogs Eats Tortillas?

Human foods that are safe for humans might not be safe for dogs. Tortillas are not safe for dogs. This type of food is high in calories, lacks nutritional values and is typically laden with additives.

A small amount of the tortilla might not harm your dog. However, if ingested in a high amount, it can lead to stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhea, and other allergic reactions.

Is Corn Fatal to Canines

No, and yes? To answer the question, can corn kill a dog? First, get some information about its toxicity as a food for dogs.

Firstly, if you eats a small amount of corn as in your dogs eats a little in tortilla chips it is unlikely to harm him. However, ingesting large amounts of corn can be extremely dangerous for your puppy.

Corn can cause toxicity causing your dog to vomit and have diarrhea. In worse cases corn can lead to intestinal blockages, choking and may be fatal to some dogs.

Are Corn Chips Toxic?

Since corn chips are made with corn there is a chance that chips like tortillas is a food toxic to dogs. Not only are they made with corn but these chips are high in salt. In addition they often have additives such as oil spices, and other artificial flavors and ingredients. All of which can lead your dog to severe health issues.

And though a few corn chips won’t necessarily cause harm, they are best to avoid. Especially when there are so many great dog friendly treats available!

Can Dogs Eat Corn Cobs?

There are lots of reasons mentioned above to not to feed your dog corn. Another reason is that corn and corn cobs are not safe as dog will chew until they are gone. Chewing on corn can damage both a dogs’ gums and break their teeth. In addition it can lead to dangerous indigestion blocks that will be extremely dangerous and even fatal in some cases.

Concluding Can Dogs Eat Corn Tortillas’

With all of the safe and nutrition dog treats available it is better to avoid any food that may be toxic for dogs. So instead of giving food stuff as corn tortilla chips, opt for dog treats that is safe and made especially for canines. And if you want to give them something such as a human treat then try small pieces of apple or carrot. And always supervise puppies and dogs who are fast eaters.