sleeping with your dog - image of dog in a bed

Should You Sleep With Your Dog?

should your dog sleep with you

There is no one size fits all answer to the questions “should you sleep with your dog”. So before you decide here are a few things to consider.


  • The size of your dog
  • Breed of your dog
  • How well you sleep
  • What does your partner think
  • Allergies
  • Separation anxiety

and these are to name a few.

Size of Your Dog

If you have a tiny terror then they are easier to make room for than a big dog like a leonberger. Our massive leo dog Ben weighed 150 lbs. And though he thought he was a lap dog his giant size took over the bed, the sofa, or anywhere he sprawled out. And though we loved to have our big snuggler on the bed, it didn’t make sense for him or us.

So what did we do -Ben snuggled for 15 – 20 minutes before jumping off our bed and onto his. And it wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy the bed but it was more a case that he got too warm.

Big dogs get hot, and they need their space. While smaller and medium dogs tend to find a spot to snuggle in or lay across and take up all of the bed space.  🙂 While other dogs enjoy the comfort of their own bed like a soft n snuggly donut bed.

 Your Dog’s Nature

One consideration is you wonder if you should sleep with your dog is their nature. Some dogs are very restful while others may pace a little or toss and turn. Never force a dog to stay with you, especially when they need their own space. If they are restless you can set up a bed near your and let them choose, or set up a space where they should sleep at night.

Allergies and Health Concerns of Sleeping with a Dog

Perhaps the greatest concern pet parents have about sleeping with a dog or cat is that they will catch anything from them. If the pet and person are both in good health, there is no reason not to sleep with your dog if you want to.

Make sure your dog is free from fleas, ticks, or other parasites. And that they have no illnesses that may interfere with your health or irritate theirs.

And for people, good health in these cases is basically defined as those who are not immunosuppressed. Cancer patients, transplant recipients, and H.I.V.-positive people are among those who should not sleep with pets.

Will Sleeping With Your Dog Lead to Separation Anxiety

Many dogs sleep with their pet parents and have no issues with separation. There are lots of causes of anxiety in dogs. Often times separation anxiety is brought about by their owners anxiety and how they react to situations. Dogs are sensitive creatures and react to our actions.  Other times dogs have separation anxiety due to a major change or loss of someone or abandonment.

There is no conclusive evidence showing exactly why dogs develop separation anxiety. However, because far more dogs who have been adopted from shelters have this behavior. It is believed that loss of an important person or group of people in a dog’s life can lead to separation anxiety.

Create a Routine for Your Dog

If sleeping with your dog is part of his routine then there is no reason it will cause or contribute to separation anxiety. Dogs like routine so decide whether they sleep with you or have their own space and its best to stick to it. This way your dog is not confused and will not think he is being punished, if it’s okay one day and not another time.

Light Sleeper

If you are a light sleeper or tend to suffer with insomnia the small movement of your dog may wake you easily. On the maybe you should sleep with your do. Having a dog to snuggle with can bring great comfort and may help you sleep a little easier.

Concluding Should You Sleep With Your Dog

The ongoing debate; are pets allowed in your bed? Is your bed the gathering spot for all your dogs and cats when nightfall comes? At the end of the day the choice is yours (and that of your dog of course). It is important you all get a good night sleep, and that it is part of a routine that works for all of you. What really matters is you do what makes you all happy and that you enjoy time with your canine bestie on your terms.