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Dog Spray for Doggy Breathe and Dental Care

Just like their humans canines can do with a little breath freshener now and again. Today we talk about TruDog Dental Dog Spray for Dogs.

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Stinky breath, tartar build up are just a few of the reasons we need to care for our dog teeth. In addition to regular dental check up a good dental spray for dogs teeth can help.

Stinky Dog Breath

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If you have one or more dogs, one whiff can tell you how much time has lapsed between you canines teeth cleanings. Beside the distinct smell of doggie breath, the smell can be a sign of underlying issues. This means your pet’s mouth may be harboring harmful bacteria. Which can affect your dogs health in more ways that dental issues.

What About a Dog Breath Spray

As with humans, there are products that can help with that. But the right breath spray can not only freshen your pet’s breath, it can also help eliminate the bacteria that causes it in the first place.

It’s best to use it in conjunction with a vet-recommended tooth care routine, which probably means brushing your pet’s teeth on a regular basis, but the right product can keep tartar to a minimum, improving the long-term health of your pet’s gums and teeth.

Dental Spray for Dogs

There are multiple types of breath sprays for dogs, though. You’ll find some with a foam consistency and others that are more liquid-like. But the biggest differentiator is the active ingredient. Look for one that is built to cut down on bacteria and fix the root cause of the odor, rather than simply covering it up.

What to Look for When Buying Dental Spray for Dogs Teeth

When you chose a dog dental spray look for products with natural ingredients. And make sure they are free from toxins and chemicals, especially if your canine has a sensitive stomach.

How to Use the Spray

Follow the instructions on the label carefully. Each dental spray application directions may vary from one product to another. Most will require that you gently and carefully need pull back to mouth skin so that you can see your dog’s teeth and gums in order to use the spray. Its possible to spray your dogs teeth and gums directly or you can apply to your fingers and then rub on their gums.

Some breath sprays can be put in the dog’s water bowl or licked off your finger. Make sure if you go this route that the spray is as effective at eliminating the issue.

Breath spray is no substitute for pet dental hygiene. Make sure you have your vet check your pet’s teeth during checkups. Some dogs will need a teeth cleaning at least occasionally, especially as they get older.

For best results, make sure your pet doesn’t eat or drink anything for at least an hour after you’ve applied the spray.

Some sprays are built with ingredients that help soothe your dog’s gums during application. This could help reduce any anxiety your pet has about the experience.

The Best Dental Spray for Dogs

Trudog is one of our top picks. Dental sprays for canines help keep your dogs teeth clean and their breath fresh too. Getting your dog started off young will help them as they transition into adulthood and serve them well when they are seniors. In addition to regular doggie dental check up give dental care chew stick and treats for your dog!