Today we talk about some of the best treats for helping your dog calm and reduce anxiety.

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Why Do Rescue Dog Get Anxious

Dogs and their feline counterparts can develop anxiety for a number of reasons. Animals are sensitive and they often reflect our own emotions. For example when we are anxious about leaving our dogs, they pick up on that sense, and it can lead to separation anxiety. In reverse when we are calm our dog tends to be calm too.

The same goes for hyperactivity, if we are jumping around it is natural that a dog will get excitable as if we are playing a game or nervous.

And just like in humans if your dogs anxiety is left unchecked it can turn into chronic anxiety. This can show up and lead to a variety of behaviors like destructive chewing, mood disorders, chronic separation anxiety and even depression.

If your dog is dealing with anxiety or displaying other forms of fear, there are many things you can do. Today we share some of the best calming treats for your rescue dog anxiety according to top user ratings.

Calming Treats for Dogs

Most of these formulas are made into calming treats, which your dog will be more than happy to eat.

Zesty Paws Stress and Anxiety Calming Bites

These natural flavorful formula Zesty Paws Calming Bites are turkey flavor chewable supplements. Made for dogs with natural and organic ingredients that help dogs with nervous, anxious, or aggressive behaviors to feel calm and comfortable.

One such  ingredient is Suntheanine which is a pure and GRAS-designated form of L-Theanine. This helps stimulate brain waves to promote relaxation with no drowsy effect.

Thiamine and Organic Chamomile helps to soothe and calm with hyperactive & aggressive behavior that is often related to anxiety. Each chew contains Thiamine and Organic Chamomile, which act as a relaxer that can help reduce jumping, biting, and barking from dogs that display over excitement or hyperactive tendencies.

These calming treat supplements may encourage natural anti-anxiety relief for anxious dogs in thunderstorm, fireworks, car rides, or separation anxiety.

Green Gruff Organic Calming Chews for Dogs

Calming Dog Treats With Safe, Natural Ingredients – These calming dog chews contain organic hemp seed, chamomile, valerian root, ashwagandha, and L-Tryptophan to provide natural stress relief.

All of the organic ingredients act as a calming sleep aid, and provide focus & confidence in dogs. This helps with stress and anxiety from separation, travel, storms and more. Best used daily for gradual, consistent support.

Doggie Dailies Calm Supplements

Soothe your dog’s stress with Doggie Dailies Calming Chews for Dogs. This powerful combination of carefully selected natural herbs and calming amino acids help to promote relaxation and occasional stress.

Give your dog a calming treat for rescue and all dogs for that matter. Taking them daily, or before, during, or after stressful situations will help most dogs to get a little more calm. They can help your pup maintain normal emotional balance and calmness.

The treats are made with natural herbs, including dog melatonin, organic chamomile, organic passionflower, valerian root, and organic ashwagandha. All if which help to calm dogs. This helps with external stresses and curb destructive behaviors. In addition the calm bites for dogs also contain the amino-acids, L-Theanine and L-Tryptophan, which help to stimulate production of serotonin.

Rescue Remedy for Pets

BACH RESCUE REMEDY PET DROPPER: In addition to calming treats for dogs there are pets safe drops to help relieve pet stress. It works for cats, horses, rabbits, birds and lizards. These homemade tinctures are plant-based active ingredients. They are homeopathic, vegan, vegetarian and they are free of artificial flavors/colors, sugar, gluten, major allergens and alcohol free.

In addition to calming a rescue dog they are ideal for travelling with your pet, taking trips and other such stressful situations like visiting the veterinarian or groomer, thunder storms, fireworks, and separation.

Bach pet formulas are trusted by pet lovers worldwide. Made with the original RESCUE REMEDY tincture  which is Dr. Bach’s blend of 5 natural flower essences, all hand-picked ingredients from his original gardens in the UK

Safe for all types of animals as nature intended. Simply give 4 drops orally or with food/water as needed, just follow the directions on the bottle. And you can use the drops safely with other heath and wellness calming pet products including stress medications and thunder calming shirts, and toys to calm your pet.

Composure Calming Treats for Dogs

Composure calming formula includes colostrum, l-theanine and thiamine. All of these ingredients are designed to support and promote calmer and relaxing behavior.

Vetoquinol Zylkene Calming Milk Protein Supplements


NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Treats with Melatonin for Dogs

calming treats for rescue dogsGive your rescue dog these calming treats to help soothe and calm if are suffering with separation anxiety. Or during storms, vising the groomer or traveling. These soft chew dog chew with melatonin help to promote a normal system function.

All Natural Liquid Calming Aids for Dogs


If you have a dog who isn’t able to chew then these calming dog drops will likely do the trick.

Ten times stronger than many calming supplements and treats these liquid drop work fast. This may be ideal in the event of a thunderstorm, fireworks, travel, vet visits, kennels, shelters or any place or event that can evoke stress in your pup.

These roast chicken drop are fast-acting and easy to use and they are highly palatable which encourages your dog to take them. They are made with 100% real, all-natural chicken with human grade ingredients. 

Virbac Anxitane Tablets to Calm Dogs

Virbac Anxitane (LTheanine) chewable pets tablets help to promote relaxation. They are made with active LTheanine in a chewable form. Virbac offers a wide range of calming pills and in a various does to suit your pet size and weight. So its that to follow the manufacturer’s directions or consult with your veterinary f unsure

What Is Anxiety in Dogs?

While they cannot tell us that they are feeling anxious, dos display certain behaviors. Anxiety is a real condition that can and it can become serious. NOt only are anxious dogs unhappy at times but their stress can impact their immune systems too. Anxiety is triggered by several factors, from a noise phobia to separation anxiety to our own stress.

Symptoms of anxiety in pets include:

  • Spraying/urinating in home
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Shaking
  • Destructive behavior, such as digging, scratching, chewing
  • Increased barking or vocalization
  • Trying to escape the house
  • Prolonged yawning
  • Hiding
  • Aggression

Getting to the root of the anxiety can help minimize the effects on your four-legged friend. Please schedule an appointment with us.

Best Calming Treats for Rescue Dogs

Along with specific treatment options from your veterinarian, there are dog calming herbs, treats, and supplements that might help your pet. These are supplements often recommended by us to soothe anxiety and stress in dogs.

Causes of Stress and Anxiety in Dogs

The following situations can all negatively impact your pet’s behavior:

  • Loud noises, such as fireworks or thunderstorms
  • Visiting the vet or groomer
  • Staying in kennels
  • Being home alone; moving to a new home;
  • Life changes – having a new baby or pet in the home
  • Meeting new and different people or animals
  • Being present at parties or celebrations
  • In cases of newly adopted dogs such a rescue dog, shelter dog and canine being rehomed

If you notice the following behavior problems, your pet may be experiencing stress or struggling with adaptation to change: withdrawal and a sense that your pet just isn’t himself; barking or howling more than usual; house soiling; losing or gaining weight; changes in sleep patterns; changes in social interaction with other people or animals; playing less; hiding around the home; constant licking or grooming that creates sore patches on their skin; trying to escape.

Holistic Approach to Helping Your Dog

Treating your dog’s anxiety without the use of pharmaceuticals is something of interest for many pet owners. Flower essences are a go-to for those who want to avoid medicine or supplement supports. Flower essences (sprays and diffusers), such as honeysuckle, rose rock, walnut, gorse, and larch, can be very effective in minimizing stress in dogs and cats.

Homeopathy is another alternative medicine that incorporates minute substances of something that produces the symptoms (typically, flowers, plants, extracts, etc.). This works in contradiction, in bringing the body to balance by way of using these substances.

Last but not least, therapeutic massage is a wonderfully relaxing modality that can ease anxiety.

Concluding Calming Treats for Rescue Dogs

While some rescue dogs have may come with certain trauma, most adjust exceptionally well. But like any dog they can suffer with stress and anxiety. So to help them adjust invest in a few anti anxiety toys, some natural calming treats for rescue dogs, create a routine and with time and patience you will help you canine friend to be a more confident and well adjusted dog.

And if you ever have concerns then make sure you visit your veterinary to rule out any health issues to give you and your pup peace of mind.

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