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Rescue Dog Birthday Party, 10 Fun Ways Celebrate!

Why celebrate your rescue dog birthday? Dog are most amazing creatures. They’re fun, loving and now matter your mood they’re happy just to be with you. There are many reasons to celebrate life with a rescue dog, and, one way is to host a dog theme birthday party for your rescue. Here we show 10 fun ways to do it.

PS. If your not sure what is your dogs birth date, which is often the case with a rescue dog, then you can pick the day you got your pooch, or, double date your birthday with our bestie.

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10 Ideas for Your Rescue Dog Birthday Party

What are the ten ways to celebrate your rescue dog’s birthday? Ways of celebrating your dog’s birthday are:

  • Let your dog choose a gift
  • Make dog-friendly delicious treats 
  • Doggy Decorations
  • Ice cream for dogs
  • Play some games with him
  • Take him for a swim
  • Have a movie night
  • Organize a doggie playdate
  • Let him unwrap a present

Let Your Dog Choose a Gift

Just like kids in a candy store, you’re rescue dog will love picking out a birthday gift from your local pet friendly store. Wander the isles together until he sniffs out just the right gift to play with.

Make Dog -a-licious Treats

Dog love food, so in addition to showering your rescue dog with much love on their special day, why not make or buy some extra yummy dog treats. Make him a dog-friendly cake birthday muffins, by making use of a puppy cake mix. You can also use some dog cake recipes.

Dog Theme Decorations

You’d decorat for your friends and family members birthday party, so it’s necessary you do that for your dog’s birthday as well. Click on the image below if you want to see hundreds of party packs for dogs starting at just $13.99

A standard part décor for birthdays are streamers and balloons, of course, there are so many doggy-themed methods of doing this.

Ice Cream for Dogs

Although, ice-cream isn’t great for the gastrointestinal tracts of dogs. You can easily whip up some approved ice creams for puppies is easy. This is possible with some ingredients you already have at home.

Just blend some bananas with creamy peanut butter and plain yogurt, and then freeze it throughout the night. Puppy ice pops are great as well; just pour beef broth or chicken into a mold and then freeze.

Set Up a Photo Booth

Grab a few fun backdrops so that you can set up a photo booth. This way you can take memory pictures of your recue dog and all their friends. And, if they can’t all attend,have friends and family upload their pictures on Facebook or Instagram with a hashtag, so all the fun can be seen in one place.

Play Some Games with Him

The most important part of these party games is they are forms of training techniques transformed into fun. Ensure you have lots of treats and toys when playing games like fetch and hide-and-seek with your pooch. This helps dogs practice some basic commands like “fetch,” “come,” “stay,” and “sit.”

Take Him for a Birthday Swim

Swimming is something most dogs love. Therefore, to make your dog’s birthday a memorable one, you can make it a swim day for him. Take him to dog-friendly pools or any local beach in your area. if a pools not an option then buy a wading pool for your dog that will keep then cool in summer too!

Just ensure you keep watch at all times and ensure that the dog’s swimming safety tips are followed.

Have a Movie Night as a Dog Birthday Gift

A very reliable way of celebrating your pooch’s birthday is to have a movie night. Wear your pajamas and cuddle your dog while sitting on the couch. Then make some popcorn and then watch some interesting movies with him, most especially dog movies.

Organize a Doggie Playdate

Another easy way to transform your dog’s birthday into more fun is by organizing a doggie playdate for him. Bring your dog’s best friend to spend some time with your dog. Ensure you keep an eye on them, and provide them with fresh clean water all the time.

Let Him Unwrap a Present

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When you present your rescue dog with a gift on his birthday, let party by letting him unwrap it himself. This will be a very exciting experience for him. If your rescue canine hasn’t had experience doing this before, help by making a small tear in the paper so he can what inside the paper.

Concluding Celebrating Your Rescue Dog Birthday  

Make memories! Celebrate your rescue dog’s with these fun, dog friendly birthday party ideas. If you haven’t been doing so, it’s high time you start doing so, because our lovely doggies deserve this.