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Best Travel Bags for Small Dog (s)

There is nothing better that hitting the road with your canine best friend. To keep all of dog’s gear together then why not invest in one of the best travel bags for your small dog.

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Travels bags not only keep all your dog gear in one handy place, but they help keep pet parents organized and ready to go. The best bags are spacious and equipped with foldable bowls, food storage containers, and ample pockets to carry first aid kits and other gadgets. Today we talk about the best travel bags for small dogs and what to look for when choosing one.

1. PetAmi Dog Travel Bag ($36.99)

small dog travel bags

This is one of the best small dog travel bags and it has lots of pockets to store you dogs gear. It is small but mighty and comes in various colours and patterns, so your pooch travels in style. It is completely waterproof and leakproof. It also comes with a dispenser pocket and several small pockets to make organization simple.

From towels, snacks, toys to accessories, all your doggy’s content with finding a happy place in this backpack. Made with durable polyester, this bag is not likely to wear and tear.

Inside is leak-proof material, so you don’t have to fret about storing wet towels.  bag has both shoulder straps and a carry handle to help you carry it however you want. The straps are strengthened with waist and chest buckles to offer you extra support on your hiking trips.
Dog owners love this backpack! No wonder it has obtained 4.8 out of 5-star ratings and 90% 5-star reviews on Amazon.

2. Top Dog Travel Bag ($38.99)

This one is Amazon’s choice because it is lightweight, long-lasting and roomy. It is available in lots of colors like pink, turquoise, green and neutral shades. This small dog travel bag also comes with 2 collapsible bowls and 2 plates of food. And it is available in another size to fit large breed dogs too!

It is well-built with enough pockets- a zippered pocket on the side, a mesh pocket on the back, a bottle holder, and a sleeve pocket in the front. On top of that, the inside has a divider and another mesh pocket to enable you to organize all your baby’s contents.

However, if you don’t require the divider, you can simply chuck it out. Well fitted with an adjustable shoulder strap and two carrying handles, you can comfortably carry it whichever way you feel.

Additionally, the shoulder strap has been padded to guarantee and enjoyable use during long treks. It comes in the colour gray, weighs 3.55 pounds and measures 17.4X12.28X4.06 inches. It is also made from silicone material. Having acquired 89% 5-star ratings and 4.8 out of 5 reviews, this travel bag is a must-have for your furball.

3. PetAmi Dog Travel Bag ($39.99)

lilac dog travel bag

If you want a variety of colours to choose from, then this one is well worth looking into. This dog accessory bag is a medium-size dog travel bag that is made from strong polyester. The PatAmi travel bag for small dogs is not only designed with road trips in mind but air travel as well. It can fit snugly under the aeroplane seat.

This travel tote bag has a big inner compartment to store anything that your dog might require. It also comes with multiple essentials pockets and an in-built adjustable flap. Its inner lining is entirely leak-proof, while its oxford outer material is water repellent.

The best part is this dog travel bag chaperons with two collapsible bowls and two food containers. Overall, this travel bag scored a whopping 90% 5-star and 4.9 out of 5 ratings making it a top rated travel bag for small dogs.

4. Unique Dog Travel Bag ($44.99) 

This dog travel bag comes with a first aid kit and has a unique design for your dogs food and water bowls. Another unique feature of this dog travel bag is its front pocket. It opens up to an off-ground stand (7 inches) with two holes to hold food and water bowls. This bag is great for small and medium dogs but not suitable for tiny dogs due to the height of the bowls.

The bowls are made of stainless steel, making them easy to wash and wipe dry. In addition the bag has two insulated storage containers that can store up to 20 cups of dog food. Insulation helps to ensure your pup’s food is maintained fresh throughout your journey.
It has a top rating with a 4.7 out of 5 stars and an 80% 5-star review, this indispensable dog travel bag will certainly meet your carry-on needs.

5. Poppy Pets Bag ($39)

pink travels bag for dogs


Travel in style with this awesome pick made by Poppy Pets! This dog gear bag is spacious enough to accommodate all your dog’s gear.Ideal for trip, weekend getaways, puppy daycare and taking a flight with your small dog.

The design offers plenty of storage place keeps your pet accessories. It has 1 large main compartment, 1 front drop-down flap with a mesh pocket, 1 side zippered pocket with the poop bag dispenser. In addition there is 1 side mesh pocket, 2 back mesh pockets, and 4 pocket on the top with a mesh pocket inside and a mesh pocket on the lid.

The puppy bag is made with high-quality and water resistant durable material. And the removable  padded strap, This will help to release pressure on your shoulder.

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Cute travel tote to pack all of your small dogs gear. It has a lined food carrier and clear wristlet pouch, and in a cite black and white paw print design. Features include: 2 side pockets, large front pocket with zipper, large back mesh pocket, inside zip pocket, inside tether and waterproof bottom. The top completely zips closed so you won’t have to worry about items falling out. Our travel bag for dogs also meets airline carry-on requirements and even features a bone shaped luggage ID tag!

This cute travel tote bag includes one lined food carrier for food and treats. And there is a clear zip pouch that can either be secured inside the tote or you can detach and use separately as a wristlet! The wristlet is ideal for storing your sunglasses, phone, chargers or any other travel essentials. The tote bag is perfect for carrying essentials such as water bottles, towels or throws, dog toys, doggy bags, leash and more! With this dog travel bag you will have all of your essentials within hand’s reach!

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PetAmi is a backpack style organizer to gather and hold all of your pets gear. It has multi functional pockets, food bowls and a poop bag dispenser. This bag features lots of pockets and is ideal for travel bag for small and large dogs. And it is available in lots of colors to suit your canines style.

It is made with durable high-grade polyester and it has a water repellent oxford outer material with PVC backing, and leak-proof inner lining. The dog back and shoulder straps are equipped with extra thick padding for added comfort during long trips. And it has both a waist and chest buckles giving you extra support.

How To Choose the Best Travel Totes for Canines

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All the above small dog travel packs are pack with features. Make sure to choose a travel tote that will carry all of your dogs gear. There are lots of sizes and colors to suit your style to match your personality!

Price of the Travel Bag for Small Dogs

There are plenty of dogs bags for travelling on the market you can be sure to fine one for your needs. Just make sure to ensure he meets your basic needs, such as will you require it for flying, does it need to waterproof and what do you need in the kit. Find one that makes your needs and you’ll be sure to find one in the many available price points. You can get a good travel bags for your small dogs that start around $24 and up.

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One thing you may get when spending a little more on your dogs travel bag will is more choice of fabric and lighter weight styles. Check around and you will get the right one for your bestie and on your budget. accommodate some unique features.

Quality of the Bag

The best dog travel bags are those made with durable water-resistant material. A leak-proof lining material covers some of the bags on the inside.

So pay attention to the bag’s material. Also, internal compactness helps to secure all your pup’s belongings, especially if you’re planning a long-term trip. Another aspect to think about is the weight of the bag. Lightweight travel bags are superb for hiking or strolling because they won’t weigh you down.

Size of the Bag for Your Small Canine

Dogs are like babies. They require many things when you travel, such as treats, doggie wipes, toys and dog diapers.

In this case, the best travel bags for small dogs is a medium-size to large tote to ensure all of your pooches possessions fit in one place. It’s better to have extra space in the bag than having to pack small travel suitcases for your pooch.


Some small dog travel bags come with accessories such as poop bags, dispensers, food containers as well as collapsible food and water bowls. All of which are handy when travelling with pets. If you opt for a bag without a first aid kit then make sure to add one in the event of a canine emergency.

Design of the Small Dog Travel Bags

There are lots of pet travel bags available. Such as casual totes, backpack and bags and traditional square and oblong bags. In addition to their style many bags have handles, shoulder straps and available in backpack styles which is ideal for travel and hiking.

Where to Use Travel Bags for Small Dogs

Whether you are taking a vacation by road or air or dropping your bestie off at doggy daycare then a travel bag is ideal for gathering your dogs essential gear. The best travel bags feature water-resistant lining and compartments to keep everything neatly organized. All of which helps give you and your canine a stress-free and memorable travelling experience.

Concluding Small Dog Travel Bags

When choosing a dog accessory bag make sure it is big enough for all of you dog gear needs. Look for lots of pockets, water resistant liners and one with secure straps to keep your dog gear safe and secure.

Note all of the above bags show supplies for display. So that means treats, toys and pet gear is separate. Always make sure to check the manufacturers details to ensure you get the best bag for your canine bestie.

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