Reasons Adopting a Rescue Dog is the Best

reasons to adopt a rescue dog

11 Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Dog. Before you get a canine friend, did you consider adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue society? If you haven’t yet done so then you’ll want to check out 11 reasons adopting a rescue dog is the best!

I speak from experience, over the past 40 years my husband  and I had the joy of sharing our lives with many dogs – almost all rescues dogs – and they really are the best. Below are just a few great reasons to adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue agency.

11 Reasons to Consider Adopting a Rescue Dog

1. Adopting Saves the Life Of a Dog

What could be better than this? When you adopt a dog, you save a life that could have been lost. Not only are you expressing kindness and genuine love for another. But you make a difference in the world.

You give a dog to become their best outside the shelter’s walls. You hand over to them the keys of freedom and for a second chance of life.

Adopting or fostering a dog from a shelter or one from a rescue agency -‘means you share your life with a canine who give back in so many ways.

These shelters, and rescue agencies (most rescues are private). Many save dogs from around the world and horrific situations giving a dog a second chance.

2. Break Pet Overpopulation Cycle

In the US alone each year, 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized. When adopting a loving pet from a shelter, you’re helping us reduce this number.

Beautiful and loving dogs are euthanized each year because there are more puppies born with no one to take care of them; therefore, they are ‘put to sleep’ which is a more polite way of getting rid of these puppies and dogs to create space for the existing ones. Dogs who are being adopted are spayed or neutered also know as de-sexing. This helps breaks the cycle of overpopulation.

Adoption can be used in place of such acts, and you will end up saving a life.

3. Put an End to Puppy Mills 

Some breeding facilities, such as puppy mills, are cruel. Many dogs are kept endlessly pregnant in cages or disguising situations just so they can produce puppies for profit. Sometimes the dogs are deprived of their essential needs, live in squalor with out medical attention. This is the life for many beautiful dogs until their life is over and they are discarded.

By adopting a rescue or shelter dog you’ll help cut off the need for such malicious industries. Therefore, making a difference in the community and the life of a dog.

 4. Rescue and Shelter Dogs Tend to Be Healthier Dogs

Adopted dogs and puppies are less likely to have health issues such as genetic problems. Shelters and good rescue agencies ensure the dogs have received their health checks, vaccines and have any health issues rectified before they are available for adoption.

In addition many dogs available for adoption are mixed-breed dogs. They already have a sturdy built immunity making them highly resistant to diseases.

Purebred dogs can tend have some complicated genetic issues due to being bred for specific reasons for an extended period.

5. Intense Loyalty

One guarantee you need to have with an adopted dog is faithfulness. Once you earn their trust and love, be assured that nothing will come between you and your pet. Dogs by nature and loving and eager to please their human. Some how a rescue dog or one from a shelter intuitively knows that you adopted through love.

They remain very devoted and perform their duties with a lot of dedication. What more could you ask for?

6. Adopting a Rescue Dog is Incredibly Rewarding

There’s a sense of satisfaction when adopting a rescue dog because giving them home will be rewarding for you and your family. It’s a win -win since your dog get a new family and you get to benefit from unconditional love of your rescue canine.

7. Training- May Require Less

Rescue dog’s come from a variety of backgrounds. So may of been with a family for some reason who were forced into rehome them. Others whose human passed away and they become a ward of the shelter. With this in mind some dogs are trained or at least in part. And while they will require to learn their way around their new home. They can learn quickly.

Most of them are well behaved and are quick to adapt to any lifestyle. This makes the perfect choice for you, especially if you have a tight schedule, which does not give you time for training your dog.

8. Adopting a Rescue Dog Is Less Costly

Buying a new dog will come with a lot of minor expenses, including veterinary services, microchipping and vaccinating. However, this won’t be the same case when you adopt a rescue dog.

In shelters, dogs are well taken care of, vaccinated and receive regular veterinary services making them very healthy and you will only have to focus on spending time with him. They are spayed and neutered too. Dogs may be adopted for a nominal cost when compared to most breeders.

9. You Can Find All Types of Dogs

Rescue centers have a lot types of dogs (some that you couldn’t even think of). There are large dogs, small, medium and dogs of all ages from puppies to seniors and everything age in between. Yes, you can find specific breeds too. Many rescue agencies have small digs like chihuahuas, pugs, Shi Tzu’s, as well as mixes of small breeds. There are also labs, huskies and a variety of dogs. One will be perfect for you.

Unlike pet stores, you don’t get the advantage to freely choose from their wide ranges with factors, instead little information will be provided for you

10. No Surprises You Will Get to See the Dog or Get a Profile

A good breeder should be a able to give you a lot of information about the dogs. While many sellers have little or no history when they may not know both the parents. Shelters are work with a team which include a veterinary who can give you information of the dog to the best of their knowledge.

Many shelters and rescue organizations can tell you if a dog is good with other dogs, cats, and kids. They may make suggestions so the dog goes to the right home for the success of the dog and their new owner to be.

Rescue dogs are approachable and companions. These dogs have interacted with people in their previous homes and know how to handle both adults and children. Finding the right rescue dog bring you a happy and

11. Be a Trendsetter – by Adopting a Rescue Dog

Your friends, your family, or that nice couple from the dog park, will ask you where your dog came from. And you’ll proudly reply “My dog is a rescue”. Shout these words off the roof top – because unlike some celebrities buying a dog for a mere handbag accessory you got a dog for the love of it.

Trust me, they will remember, and, when it comes time for them to get a new dog, they’re more likely to look into adopting a shelter dog too. It’s the cool and loving thing to do!

Concluding Reasons for Adopting a Rescue Dog 

Adopting a rescue dog is a wonderful thing but only if it’s for the right reasons. Please don’t adopt a dog because he looks sad, etc. Consider adopting a rescue for all the right reasons to share your life with a dog for a lifetime.