Adopting a Senior Rescue Dog, See Why It May be the Best Decision Ever!

man hugging his senior dog
Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

You’re ready for a dog in your life, but in reality you don’t have the time for training a puppy. Then, it’s time to see why adopting a senior rescue dog may be the perfect answer for you!

Adopting a dog is a big decision, it’s life changing! A dog can fill a house with joy, but before jumping in with both feet it’s important to consider your needs as well as adopting your dog to be!

Asking the right questions will help to make a happy life for both you and your dog.

Questions like:

  • how much time do you have
  • level of commitment to training
  • family activity level
  • living arrangements
  • finances

All of these questions will help you to make a realistic decision. When being realistic many people realize that while puppies are adorable a senior dog is just as cute and meets their needs better.

In this article we share the amazing reasons for adopting a senior rescue dog!

Adopting a Rescue Senior Dog Reasons

1. Save a Life

Shelters are filled with senior dogs, often through no fault of their own these beautiful dogs spend the rest of their lives in a shelter. Many dogs have been amazing companions to someone who has passed away. Others are seen as no longer useful, when they may be the perfect fit for a forever family.

Adopting a senior is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself and the dog that you rescue. Remember that so true saying “who rescued who” – well that can be said for more than a few rescue dog love stories.

2. Senior Dogs May Have Some Training

Many senior dogs have lived in homes before. That means that they many will have a good grasp of some of the basic commands while other will understand a lot. Adopting the right senior may be the answer especially if you don’t the have time to train a new puppy. Often rescue dogs have a bio so that will help you make an informed decision when adopting.

Instead of spending hours potty training, imagine all the enjoyable time walking or snuggling up with your dog.

3. What You See is What You Get When Adopting a Senior Rescue Dog

You may have heard the term WYSIWYG aka what you see is what you get. With a puppy, there are a lot of uncertainties. That tiny ball of fluff may grow a little bigger than you expected.

However, with a senior dog you get a better idea as to whether or not they are a good fit for your family. Things like, are they kid friendly, do they like cats, what’s their energy level as well as their temperament. And, any of important things that factor into your adoption-making decision.

Most people will say that their senior dog is so much more wonderful than imagined as they settle into their new forever home.

4. Senior Dogs are More Easygoing

Younger dogs are typically bounding with energy, while the majority of seniors don’t require all the attention and exercise. If you hanging out at home, going for short walks or throwing a ball in the yard is for you, then a older dog will be chill with that life.

Unlike their youthful  counerparts a senior canine doesn’t need to be constantly supervised. They are more likely to be easygoing and happy to be part of the family.

5. Have a Lot of Love to Give

There is something special about adopting a rescue, many senior dogs have been through a lot. In some way they have been life behind. Often abandoned by a family, owners that died and they are suddenly alone, replaced by a child or other pet, or removed due acts of cruelty.

Regardless of their past though, these beautiful senior dogs just seem to know that they are so lucky and happy to repay you tenfold for adopting them.

When you rescue a senior dog, they’ll give you an abundance of love. Greeting you with their wagging tails, their smiling eyes, they truly love and adore you for all of who you are.

6. Settle in Easier

When you adopt a senior dog, they will settle in easier as they have been without for so long. Their needs are simple, a warm place to sleep, food to eat and a loving hand to pet them.

Most will make themselves at home right quickly as if they were always there. Of course, this may depend on the dog’s past, but with time a patience most will adjust and be happy to be in a safe and loving environment.

7. Less Likely to be Clingy

Even though your dog will love you very much, a mature dog will likely be less clingy than a younger dog. If you need time to yourself during the day, they’ll understand and likely happy to take a nap.

However, some rescue dogs, especially a senior dog, may have a separation anxiety after adoption. After all, they don’t want to lose what they have come to know with you. But once you build trust and they know that you are coming back to them they will tend to be less clingy.

8. You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Contrary to popular belief, a senior dog can learn new things!  All dogs love to learn and get rewarded for learning new tricks. While they’ll probably know basic commands and manners, there still might be things you want to teach them.

Senior dogs are usually calmer, have a longer attention span, and enjoy playing with you and being the smarty pants that we adore in all dogs.

9. Senior Dogs are More Content

While a puppy might need you to pay attention to them at all times, a senior dog is perfectly content to be with you or spend time for themselves if needed. They often enjoy their nap time, so that they can gear up for when you come home.

Of course, they don’t like to be left alone too much, dogs love company and to be there for you.

Concluding Reasons for Adopting a Senior Rescue Dog

By now you can see 9 amazing reasons to adopt a senior dog. You not only will make a deserving dog very happy but you will give your senior a chance to fill your life with joy. There are thousands of dogs who are seeking their forever home.

Visit of call you’re local rescue center to discuss the best match fo you and your family. There is a dog waiting for you.

Happiness is Adopting a Senior Rescue Dog xoxo