Viva Mexico! Mexican Theme Dog Toys!

If adore Mexico almost as much as I love dogs! So put them together and what have you got? Cute Mexican theme dogs toys a perfect gift for your canines bestie. So if you are looking for a gift for a dog owner who love food, especially Tacos or funny dog toys to fill your canines toys box then check out some of the best stuffies for playtime.

Mexican Theme Dog Toys

Taco Dog Toys With Tequila and Hot Sauce
Party pack for dogs. Fiesta Mexican theme dog toys. 3 pack of super cute stuffed toys. Ideal for small toys like Chihuahua’s, Poms and your little rescue dog mix.

Cute gag gift for dog is perfect for taco tuesdays, mexican parties and Cinco de Mayo! The soft toy packs comes with a Taco, Tequila and Hot Sauce plush toys. Each chew toy is approximately 8 inches tall and perfect for small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs, girl dogs, boy dogs, and especially chihuahuas.

They are durable to keep your dog entertained for hours on end. And it is a perfect gift for any dog lover, dog birthday or puppy party! In addition they are the perfect photo props for a hilarious Instagram posts.

Tequila Funny Mexico Theme Toy

Super cute tequila margarita cocktail stuffy toys for dogs. This dog party theme toy is a fun for big and small dogs. It is available in 2 size and is made with strong plush fabric and it is designed to keep your pup engaged. It has a squeaker and crinkle to grab your pups attention. This humorous  dog toy is perfect for your dogs birthday, stocking stuffer or gift for a new dog owner.

Sombrero and Tequila Funny Gift for Dogs

Cute and funny dog Mexican theme dog toys – sombrero and tequila party pack. Dress up your dog for their birthday, Halloween costume for dogs and have fun as your dog wears his sombrero and plays with his stuffy toy.

This is a funny gift for any dog lover, dog birthday or puppy party! And it you love taking pictures of your canine bestie then these are perfect photo props for a hilarious Instagram posts.

Cinco de Mayo Mexico Theme Dog Gear



Fiesta pet dress up poncho, sombrero hat, pet sunglasses is a cute and stylish way to get your dog into a Cinco de Mayo party style. Super cute Mexican style outfit for dogs. Perfect for Halloween, summer fun and your dogs funny birthday costume. This outfit for dogs is extra special when you pair it with Mexican theme dog toys like Tacos and Tequila stuffies. 

Funny Dog Toys Mexican Hot Sauce Stuffy

The absolute best dog toy that looks like your favorite sauce! Your dog will love to play fetch this funny Bark Bros hot sauce bottle! Forget old dog toys, your pup will love one of these new funny dog toys!

This toys contains a squally and is made with quality fabric. It is a great dog toy stocking stuffer, birthday gift and a funny parody canine toy for pet new parents too! Brighten your dogs day with a new fun Mexican theme toy.

Cute Donkey Piñata Dog Toy

Hilarious Mexican theme pinata dog toys. Make playtime fun with this plush piñata dog toy. It has long hair perfect for shredding and it’s streamer tail is great for thrashing, while listening to the multiple squeakers inside. Super cute bright colors that dogs love, no matter their age.

Keep your pup entertained and safe during playtime with a high quality, Mexican theme dog toys. Great for small dogs. Whether it your dogs birthday gift, Christmas or a just because you love them gift.

Cute a Quirky Cactus Toy for Dogs

Meet Consuela the Cactus: This plush Mexican theme cactus dog toys is packed with fluffy stuffing. It has interactive elements that are perfect for shredding, trashing, squeaking and hours for playtime!

It is made with non-toxic plush materials to ensure it is a safe for all pups to play with. Add it to your dogs toy box and let them enjoy their south of the border theme toys.

Above is the Gronna Parody Pack for Dogs

Mexican Theme Dog Toys

Buy one or all of these fun Mexican theme dogs toys. They are ideal gifts for all occasions such as your puppies stocking stuffers, birthday gifts for dogs, housewarming gifts or a welcome gift for a newly adopted dog. In addition they are perfect for:

Party Time Interactive Toy for Dogs

Mexican theme burrito interactive dog toy. Keep your dog busy for hours with this Mexia theme interactive toy for dogs. Squeaky, crinkly toys to keep your dog mentally stimulated. Just fill the burrito with 3 stuffed squeaky and crinkle avocados and let your put burrow into it for loads of fun!

Enjoy the 2 in 1 fun with a big plush burrito toy for fetching, or smaller avocados for great chew toys around the house. let our squeaky hide and seek activity puzzle toys keep your furry best friend busy for the day!

Break out your favorite Mexico theme taco dog toy for taco Tuesday! Each toy includes high-quality squeakers that will keep your best friend entertained all day and night!

Or, crack a doggie beer, pour some dog wine, pop some dog champagne, twist open a dog liquor bottle and spice up your night!

Picture Props for Dogs

The PUP-arazzi will be all over your dog when they step out to play with their hot sauce, sombrero, or Margarita. And get ready for some hilarious photos and videos with your puppy chew toys! Why not create your pets own social media page with their Mexican themed dog toys. 

Dog Birthday Presents

Irresistible Avocado on Amazon

Dogs will have hours of fun playing with this adorably delicious avocado plushie toy. Complete with a noisemaker to keep your dog entertained for hours. This cuddly toy is soft and filled with stuffing, perfect for your pups’ sensitive gums and teeth and is a gerat gift for a new pup or small dog.

No one wants to show up without some birthday dog toys. Now you don’t have to. These cool dog toys are the perfect dog birthday gifts for all dogs: small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs, boy dogs, girl dogs. It doesn’t matter! They’ll love them! It is also great for a dog gift basket or a new puppy gift.

Cover image courtesy of Nicciola dog toys.