Volunteer With Animals While Traveling!

Helps Animals While You Travel
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Traveling is a wonderful way to meet new people and enjoy new experiences. And if you love animals there is lots of ways to help animals while traveling. Look for animal rescue pages on Facebook, search on Google for places to volunteer at your destination. Or when you arrive ask the locals where you can volunteer and help animals in need.

Volunteering with animals is a wonderful way to explore new places and help out furry friends in need. Almost anywhere you travel with have rescue agencies for all kinds of creatures. Below is a few countries where you can volunteer with dogs and make a difference.

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Make Contact With Your the Volunteer and Rescue Agencies

Help the animal shelter by phoning or emailing ahead. This allows them time to give you information about their shelter, the types of assistance needed and how you can assist them.

Volunteer agencies and rescues need your help, but often they are caring for many animals with few volunteers. By planning ahead you will alleviate their stress if you give them an idea of your arrival. And they can tell you what they needs. This free them up from spending time giving instructions and letting everyone get on with the job in hand – volunteering and caring for the needs of the animals.

1. Sri Lanka Ambalangoda (Education and Caring for Animals)

A small and serene town in southern Sri Lanka, has a dog rescue volunteer program that focuses on providing animal welfare education and caring for stray dogs. Volunteers are responsible for assisting with vaccinations, dog training, shelter maintenance, providing meals, and walking and grooming the dogs.

2. Volunteer With Help Animals While Traveling in Guatemala

Guatemala is home to several animal care programs where volunteers can work in dog shelters and provide basic care. Start helping to care for animals in need with socializing, grooming, and medication. Additionally, volunteers can educate the community about animal care to ensure the health and safety of the dogs.

3. Volunteer at Argentina Animal Shelters and Rescues

Love Volunteer’s animal care project, which provides shelter for over 150 animal species. These include dogs, cats, parrots, cows, ducks, and rabbits. Volunteers can contribute by taking care of these animals, and exploring the city, trying local food, and learning to tango in Argentina.

4. Mexico Rescue Shelters (PV area)

If you visit the tourist destination of Puerto Vallarta, or travel inland there is many shelters that are desperate for help. Whether you donate leashes, money for food or give the gift of your time you can help to nurse back animals after a spay and neuter programs, walking a dog, and helping to change the life of a pet.

SPCA Puerto Vallarta – Home | Facebook

The mission of SPCA de PV is to help fund and promote sterilization, adoption and healthcare efforts for companion animals in the Puerto Vallarta area, …

Las Animas Dog Rescue: Home

Las Animas has more than 15 years of experience in providing care, shelter and rehabilitation to rescue dogs in Puerto Vallarta.

The Sula Society | Dog Rescue

Volunteer With Help Animals such as the SULA Society is Puerto Vallarta founded by a mother-daughter duo. The team rescue and rehabilitate dogs that had a rough start in life. If you traveling to Puerto Vallarta consider volunteering time.

5. Volunteer to Help Animals While Traveling in Peru

In Peru, volunteers can work with shelter staff to feed, walk, and nurture stray dogs back to health. Volunteers also have the responsibility of educating the community about animal welfare and finding ways to improve the conditions for these dogs.

Visit and help at the and help to support jungle animal rescue for care and rehabilitation.

6. South Africa Dog Rescues

One of the largest townships in South Africa, has a massive population of stray dogs. They are constantly in due to the growing lack of resources for animal welfare.  Helping animals while traveling is wonderful way to contribute to their welfare and helping toward animal welfare change. Volunteers can help take care of these dogs properly by applying for animal care programs.

Concluding Volunteer With Help Animals

No matter where you travel you can help touch the lives of animals and people. Volunteering with dogs is a fulfilling experience that allows you to make a positive impact with cats, dogs, horses and all animals as you explore new cultures. So, why not combine your love for animals with your passion for travel and volunteer to help animals around the world.

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