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socialize your rescue pup

How to Socialize Your Rescue Puppy

How to Socialize Your Rescue Puppy When you adopt or rescue a dog or puppy you will include them in all parts of y0ur life. You’ll want to be able to take your puppy for walks, car rides and have them meet people and other animals. So today we talk about how to socialize your …

Adopted Dog Training Basics

Dog Training Basics What to Teach Your Canine

Dog Training Basics, Teach Your Adopted Rescue Dog If you adopt or rescue a dog you want to teach them how to be calm learn and well mannered. Dog training basics will help your pup to be a happier, confident canine whose less likely to get into tussles with people or with other dogs.

clicker training for dogs

Clicker Training for Dogs How Does It Work

Clicker Training for Dogs In this article we discuss clicker training for dogs and to use clickers for training. If you are a dog owners the chances are you heard of clicker training. However, you may wonder what exactly is it and how does clicker training work. With this said, in this article we aim …

rescue dog sleeping

Dog Aggression How to Identify and Stop It

 What’s Dog Aggressive All About When your dog displays aggressive behavior it is natural to feel scared. You wonder if he may be a danger to you, or toward other people or even other animals. But there is a reason for dog some dogs display aggression. To help you to cope with dog aggression we …

socialize your rescue pup

Secrets to Dog Training Review

Best Dog Training Course – Secrets to Dog Training in Review If you have a puppy or adopted a rescue dog then training is crucial for your dog to grow as a confident and loyal part of the family. Secrets to Dog Training in review is a top selling course for dog owners.

dog chewing

Why Your Dog is Destructive Chewing How to Stop It

Is Your Dog Destructive Chewing? Chewing is a natural activity for dog. As new born they mouth their way to find to their mothers milk. Then as puppies they explore the world with their mouths. And then they will chew hard in an effort soothe the painful teething. But when a dog is destructive chewing …

socialize your rescue pup

Best Complete Dog Course Training and Canine Care

Complete Dog Training Course & Dog Care We adore our dogs but sometimes they have behaviors that we would rather they did not. And since not all of us are gifted with the skills of famous ‘dog whisperers’ thankfully there is a complete dog training course called Dog Training Mastery.

stop dog barking

Stop Excessive Barking by Understanding Your Dog

Excessive Barking: What It Means and How To Cope Well love our dogs but when they bark…the noise can get quite irritating and it can quickly get out of hand. But thankfully you can stop excessive barking!

puppy with sniffing mat

Snuffle Mat for Puppies Our 10 Picks!

Snuffle Mat for Puppies in Review Puppies love to play, they roll around in your clothes, hide their toys and sniffing is top on their daily fun time things. If you’re on the hunt for dog toys that are stimulating and fun and will keep your dog busy for hours, then a snuffle mat is …

stop puppy jumping

Stop Your Puppy Jumping Up Start Here

Ways to Stop Your Puppy Jumping Up Puppies are excitable, and it might be cute for a while. You want to stop your puppy jumping up right away. If you don’t get a handle on your canine excitable habit, they can easily do harm.