How to Get Rid of Dog Gland Smell

big labrador- dog spraying leaves odor
Image courtesy of Jonathan Daniels Unsplash

You adore your dog, his funny quirks, those sloppy kisses, and his exuberant excitement. But there is one habits that is less than endearing – marking his territory. It’s natural your dog to mark his territory but the smell is not as charming as he is. Today we talk about the best way to get rid if dog gland smell, and some of the best products to remove the gland odor and keep carpets and furniture smelling fresh.

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Why Is Dog Gland Smell So Potent?

The reason that dog gland smell is so potent is because it’s a combination of pheromones and urine. The glands located near his anus, at the base of his tail produce pheromones. This secretion is a means for dogs to communicate with each other. Canines mark their territory with pheromones to communicate fear, excitement and to mark their territory to establish dominance.

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And since your dog may not differentiate between outdoors and indoors they may secrete their scent on furniture; like the leg of a chair, side of the sofa or other places indoors. With this you’ll want to know how to get the smell off the furniture and other areas in the home.

How to Get Rid of Dog Gland Smell on Furniture

If your dog has left his mark on the furniture, it’s important to clean the area immediately. If the scent of dog gland odor remains in a material for too long, it will become tough if not impossible to get rid of.

Natural Cleaner to Remove Dog Gland Scent

One natural way to remove the glands scent it to use a mix of water and vinegar. Using a sponge or cloth soaked in equal parts of the water and vinegar, wipe down all areas. Make sure you get into all nooks and crannies including the back, side and under any cushions. Leave no trace behind or the smell will linger.

If you still notice the stinky smell odor after using vinegar and water, then go sprinkle some baking soda over all surfaces to help absorb lingering odors. You can use about 1/8 cup per square foot of surface area. Let this sit until all odors have dissipated. Then using hot water or steam from an iron on top of it. This will limit the scent getting absorbed back into your furnishings.

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What to Avoid for Cleaning and Deodorizing

Do not use harsh cleaners or chemicals on your furniture as they could discolor it. Also avoid using scented products, especially those with a strong odor like perfumes or air fresheners, which can attract dogs back to the same place again. Lastly, avoid anything toxic like ammonia or bleach; these are harmful to both humans and animals alike.

Conclusion Best Way to Rid Dog Gland Smell

Dog gland smell isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world, but it’s something most if us with a male dog will deal with. Follow the above steps and use these amazing products to rid the smell of your dog’s glands and to discourage them from marking their territory.

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