How to Dog Proof Your Home

dog in a house

Adopting a puppy or dog for the first time is an exciting time. But before your canine moves read in how to dog proof your home!

Photo credit (Sylvano Carlos)

If you’ve adopted a puppy or getting a rescue dog then your in for a treat, but unlike older dogs these pups can turn things upside down.

You can save your sanity, the sofa, and, at the same time keep your puppy safe by following these few ways to dog proof your home. If you do it before you dog arrives then you’ll have a lot for free time for training and playtime.

To help you navigate the first few month with your pup, here are a few ideas on how to proof your home for your dog to be.

How to Dog Proof Your Home Room by Room:


Dog proof your kitchen. This is one of the most important rooms in the house to make puppy safe. The kitchen is full of wires, appliances, and food that can be toxic.

  • Keep food out of reach, many foods are toxic for dogs
  • Use safety locks on your cabinets and trash cans as curious pups like to explore
  • Protect stove knobs from being bumped and accidentally switching the rings on. And, if you have touch less oven a dogs wagging can accidentally turn on the stove.


The livingroom may look like a safe place, but a pup can interpret the cushions, sofa and the leg of a chair as fair game. These items are not only expensive to replace but they can be dangerous for your canine. Including your living into your dog proof home plan is smart for you and your pup.

  • Make sure to use no-chew non toxic sprays on your furnishing that you  don’t want to see chewed. Cushions and stuffered furnshing often times contain microfiber which proves itself hazardous.
  • Accent your living room with pet friendly plants in your home as some of the plants may contain toxic.
  • Wrap lamp, tv and other wires in a cord protector. This will protect items as well as protecting your dog from getting tangled or worse and electric shock.
  • Place a screen in front of the fireplace to safeguard your dog for the dangers of fire.
  •  Wax candles can easily be knocked over by a wagging tail, instead use battery operated flameless candles that give the same effect.


Dogs love to snuggle up in a bedroom, and while it appears to be an innocent space bedrooms are filled with all kind of hazzardous items to a dog.

  • Make sure to clear all items off bedside tables such as medications and small items like nail clippers, phone chargers and jewelry
  • Rid the room of mothballs that are toxic to dogs
  • Place shoes and clothing in he closet as teething dogs can swallow buttons or choke on laces.
  • Mothballs are a toxic substance used by some of us; it can cause a severe problem.

Bathroom and Laundry Room

  • To prevent your dog\puppy from slurping harmful chemicals from the toilet then a toilet lock on Amazon $8.99 (in the baby section)  will keep your toilet lid closed safely
  • High shelves or locked cupboard are necessary to store supplies such as detergent and chemical that can make your dog severly sick and can even be fatal


 Concluding Dog Proof Your Home 

Dog proofing your home is the same process you’d use to safe proof your home for a toddler. Since your dog is a new family, or as I refer to them as the ‘kids’ then you’ll want to do everything possible to keep them out of harms way.

With the help of this dog proof your home article we can hope everyone can provide safer environments for their pets.